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A backwards Constant by Shide

Maybe we're missing something here.

Remember the basic concept of the Constants, as explained by Daniel Faraday? To put your mind back at the right "place" in time, you needed to find something that was equal or similar in both situations, and something important - like someone you care about, but I'm assuming for the sake of the theory that it could be anything emotionally important.l

So, we're seeing this ALT characters get glimpses or even full knowledge of things of the Original Timeline, and we're seeing it being caused by near death experiences or strong emotions (well, Love). But why?

Sun spend a whole lot of time with the one she loves, but she doesn't remember things as Hurley does. Only when she gets shot she seems to have some knowledge of who Locke (Flocke) is.

Maybe it works like the Constants did: something that is important and is the same in both situations. The difference is that instead of putting your consciousness in the right time, it connects both (even if briefly).


-Desmond has full knowledge (it seems) of the Original Timeline when he reaches the most important thing to him in the OT: Penny.

-Charlie is dead, so this happens to him when he almost dies inside the car. However, he doesn't have full knowledge as Desmond because the situation is not perfectly matched: he didn't really die.

-The same with Hurley, the situation doesn't exactly match the one in the OT so he "kind of remembers" Libby.


-Libby seems to remember Hurley completely, but she isn't dead in the ALT or had any experience similar to Charlie. This could be explained, though, by the fact that she is dead in the OT and that this kind of thing happens when you die in one Timeline.

-Sun didn't get shot and didn't experienced something that threatened her life in the OT, but this could still happen.

So maybe this "bleeding of memories" occurring through the Timelines may work like the Constants did, only instead of separating the consciousness to their rightful time periods, uniting both minds, even if briefly.

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