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Okay this goes way back. Now Desmond said that he migh've been responsible for crashing Oceanic Airlines 815. This is weird to me. Isn't Jacob the only person who brings people to the island? If this was the case Desmond was soley responsible for crashing the plane.

Here's deeper analysis. Jacob brought Desmond to the island. He then wanted Desmond to crash the plane containing the Candidates. Now this is where it gets interesting. M.I.B knows when Jacob brings people to the island. Would he know if Desmond brought people to the Island? M.I.B. might have been very angry about this. He had no six sense warning from Jacob that he was bringing anybody. I think M.I.B. came to the conclusion that this was the real deal this time. M.I.B sees a plane it crashes. There is no explanation on why it crashes. He knows Jacob didn't bring it. What exactly is going on thinks M.I.B.? M.I.B gets angry and smashes up the forest. He is very mad. Jacob has made a very sneaky move. Desmond might be underneath M.I.B's radar since he's in the Swan for three years. M.I.B first met Desmond at the well. He was not afraid. He said, "What's the point in being afraid." Isn't this like the quote, "What about you?" Desmond has a Jacoblike vibe to him now. I think he's being a substitute Candidate in the on island timeline. He will hold the postion until someone takes it over. Also, Desmond fell down a well that was shallow and wasn't really killed either. Was he touched by Jacob? Also, one final thought. I think Desmond is the new Jacob in the alternate reality. He knows everything like Jacob would. Maybe that Jacob like consciouness is melding into the on island conciousness. Like a bleeding effect. Your thoughts.

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