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So.. I have previously posted that I believe that Aaron is the candidate and I still believe that Aaron is the most important of all the characters. In the family tree Aaron was a descendant of Jacob (who has "betrayed" his brother and caused his anger) and brother of Moses who led to Exodus!

So I think that Aaron is probably going to be the next Jacob and maybe whether he will turn out to be good or evil depends on who raises him.

However, if we want to go too far Aaron has a "brother" by blood though? If I remember correctly some days before going back to the island Jack and Kate slept together. What if Kate is pregnant (this would explain her importance) and she is going to give birth to Aaron's brother and biologically his cousin.

If so then Shepherd could lead to Jack's and Kate's child as I believe that the remaining Austeen probably refers to Aaron.
Just a theory... But if you read the part of the Bible that refers to Jacob and his brother perfectly match the story. I doubt they would follow this but they could definitely give us a hint!

No matter what I think that Aaron's importance and the fact that we didn't get any answer about how he got born despite the problems or why is he named Aaron etc definitely reveal that in the last episodes a lot are going to be said for him!

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