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Wanna survive LOST? Kill a parent by Blue_in_CO

Some co-workers and I were talking about LOST today and the following question was posed: have any of the losties who were killed in the show kill a parent? I think not. On the other hand, most of the losties who have made it this far have indeed killed a parent, either directly or indirectly. We compiled the following list:


Locke (had Sawyer do the dirty work)
(...probably more that we missed)


Kate (blew up dad)
Claire (killed mom in car crash)
Jack (father drank himself to death over Jack’s actions)
Sawyer (didn’t kill parents but they are dead nonetheless… days are numbered maybe?)
Miles (uh oh)
Ben (gassed dad)
Richard (again, I’m guessing days are numbered)
Hurley (seemingly indestructible anyway)

Going by this theory, those destined to perish on the island are Sawyer, Miles, and Richard. Hurley should also be on the list, but this guy can wear red and enter a sub fated to explode and materialize on the beach without a scratch. He's been in numerous gunfights and altercations and I don't think he's ever even gotten a scratch on his face. He also never carries weapons, but that's another story. So we'll just call Hurley a wild card for now.

The characters who have killed a parent; Jack, Claire, Kate, and Ben, we're guessing will make it to the shows conclusion.

So what is the deal with this theory? Is Jacob looking for candidates with blood on their hands? If so, why?

Please help us shed some light on this, and apologies if we are stepping on anyone's toes with this theory. Thanks for reading!

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