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Lost, My Theory by some lost fan

first of all, i want to apologize in advance for not worrying about my grammar, etc...

i want to write this down in a stream of consciousness style..
"i will find a loophole"
"well i see you've found your loophole..."

those conversations seem important to me somehow. ok, here:

sometime in the 1950's modern man discovers on their own, this magical island. this we know was the allied side of the war. testing the bomb, etc...

widomore discovers the island by being in the military and we know that he was there many years later.
widmore and eloise most likely met the islands "care taker" or "servant" richard. richard also met locke briefly in the 50's when locke was shifting around in time. daniel told them to bury the bomb, etc..

this bomb i'm sure was "brought" to the island and the soldiers were allowed to "somehow" discover the island and set up camp.
this is an example of a loophole in which the "dark" and the "light" made a move to bring other people and objects to the island.

this is a story about an eternal argument between all powerful forces. i don't want to say "gods" because that gives the wrong impression, i want to say that anything 100 time better would be a god to the lesser, etc...

anyways, the "light" has to keep the "dark" trapped on the island. if the "dark" wants to escape, it has to effectively end the game by keeping any "candidates" from staying.

i feel like the "dark" entity partially entered locke after they first crashed onto the island. in my mind locke was a broken, disheartened, "dead" guy. when they crashed suddenly he can walk and he's a leader. i believe the loophole for the dark one winning was first entered at this point.

locke really wanted to meet jacob, probably to taunt hima nd give him a taste of death to come. of course locke did not know that he was possessed at this point and he just thought the "island" changed him and the "island" speaks to him.

don't forget that when everyone left the island at first locke was against it. locke then had to leave the island and go and try and gather everyone and bring them back, because the only way that the dark one can legally and thus successfully leave the island and kill the universe is with all of the original candidates (for this session or round?) leaving the island together. and of course once that happens: game over. the dark one wins and the universe is done.
and then most likely the whole thing happens again?

anyways, the dark one is not going to take a chance on having the candidates come back the island, so they must all die.

one thing here, when ben leaves the island and spins the wheel, the wheel, the island shifts through time and dimensions. the lost people travel to the 50's, 70's, etc.

to me i see the time shift as being a move by the light one or "jacob". he's going to use the candidates to detonate the bomb and thus never have their plane crash there. this because jacob realizes or can sense that a trick was in the works and the game or "universe" could soon be over.
locke, half-possessed by the dark one, tries to get everyone to come back to the island so he can have them all leave together and die. the other "conscious" half of locke has no idea that he's half-possessed by the dark one and he just thinks he's a failure and tries to hang himself. ben saves him and then kills him when locke mentions eloise.
ben seems like a completely "lost" possession. half the time he is possessed by darkness, the other time light. he knows that as long as the some of the candidates stay on the island the dark one is trapped. at first when ben kills locke it appeared to me that ben was trying to keep locke from returning and thus keeping the dark one trapped. but by killing locke and then getting on board with everyone including lockes body and heading back to rescue the other candidates, well that seems like something the dark side would be happy about. when the plane lands on the island, lockes inner possession materializes as an exact clone yet fully 100% possessed.
the loophole was successful and because of bens severe schizophrenia, the dark one tricks ben, a non-candidate island native(to an extent) to kill jacob, which he does: welcome to end game.
all the dark one has to do now is visit the various temples and hideouts on the island, give people a choice: come with me and we will all leave or die.
once all are killed or gathered and then killed, all he has left to kill are the candidates. and of course according to the rules set in some kind of eternal stone, he can't kill them.
but of course he can trick them into killing themselves.
so the plan is, get the remaining candidates together, get them to leave and then kill them so there's no way they can come back.

this thing has got to end in some kind of side-world revelation of past experiences and memories.

theres no way they can beat the dark one, the game is over. the only way to win i believe is to maybe force the dark one into killing the remaining candidates. maybe then the dark one looses after all. i imagine the party that eloise is throwing will be attended by everyone the island has trapped and warped over the years.
it will be like a spiritual awakening of sorts.
like the way the beginning of the free masons must have been like, somewhere in egypt thousands and thousands of years ago.

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