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I heard a lot of theories as of late on Walt and Ben and being special and being Jacob's replacement....what if being Jacob's replacement is not that hard,but rather as simple as telling the
BOLD truth in the face of questioning?.....

People on LOST lie a lot....A LOT! And it most of the time never get's anyone anywhere...these people who lie are mostly good people(Jack,Kate,Boone,etc...),but majority of the time when it's time to fess-up to something bad....these people don't do it.

Now I think that one of the last two things that would make you a fitting replacement for Jacob's spot is to be special and to tell the truth,even if it's bad.Several characters come to mind with this-four mainly....

1)Jack(performs medical miracles)
2)Hurley(see's and talks to dead people)
3)Ben(saw his dead mother)
4)Walt(can manifest things from his mind,make stuff
happen,appear in places,and see the future
via through his dreams)

What do these men have in common?...check it out....

All four have...

1)Issue/conflicts with their fathers.
3)Bad liars at first,but became better in time.
4)All their fathers have abandon them emotionally or physically
at some point in their lives.
5)lived on the Island and left at one point in time.
6)Communicate with the Island at one time or another.



Jack-After accepted his Island destiny....he started being honest and stopped lying.He told the truth no matter what,after he got back to the Island(he was more honest with his friends).

Hurley-Ugh! Worst liar of all of them....when faced with the potential of coming off crazy....he told his Mom about the Island(and she believed him) and that was pretty BOLD.

Ben-At the docks in 2008....
Kate:"Jack,he's trying to take Aaron from me..'
Jack:"Ben is helping u..."
Ben:"No,Jack-she's right,it was me".
(Pretty brave there, Ben)

Walt-Could have gotten away with it,but confessed to his father about burning down the first raft(that's def BOLD for a ten year-old).


So....who's the liar?...it's.....


HE left...and never came back! He knows what happened on the Island and told no one. He is living his life with a huge LIE.This is why I think he was not in the Church at the end.

(side note on Walt:I think in time-if he stayed on the Island,he would have eventually seen his dead mother. And in time living back in the real world...his dreams will get worse and worse as he gets older and the Island will eventually draw him back if he is truly special)

...The other three guys ended up in the end the major players(Jack and Hurley became "Protectors" and Ben an "Adviser")

...Walt didn't...cause like his father....he ran away from his obligation to do the right thing, by not going back to the Island(It's actually Locke's fault for not asking him,but all the same anyways).

So....In the end I think you have to let go of your fears of telling the truth to be a true "Candidate".

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