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This is my first ever "written" theory, so be nice :) Of course everyone has had theories, but I've never written mine in a concise manner, so I hope this makes sense?

Okay: my basis theory is that "the light cave" is a symbol for the Biblical Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In Genesis, God warns the humans from within the Garden of Eden not to take from the tree and eat from its fruit: to do so would mean death. Eve listens to a demonic snake and takes a piece of fruit... Adam follows suit. What happens next is that they realize their nakedness and are thus cursed to experience death (something humanity was never supposed to experience). This trait, this inherent "knowledge" or "evil" that they acquire from this tree, ultimately gets passed down to the generations after them. They are cast out of Eden, and the garden is protected from humanity by an angel.

Now, switching to Lost (I will follow that same story but palce Lost symbolism within it): God warns humanity not to enter into the cave of light, as it contains life, death and rebirth. The first humans were the guardians of the cave of light, and were warned by their Creator not to enter. However, someone ultimately entered the cave, and humanity became infused with the potential for life, death most notably and rebirth. [Note: this is in keeping with Smokey's personality for desiring more knowledge, more enlightenment... if he experienced the light/the tree of knowledge of good and evil] Now, seeing humanity as untrustworthy, God places a Protector of the Light and essentially kicks humanity off the island (I am assuming that the Island, when the first Protector was "made", was connected with the rest of the world sort of like Pangaea). This Protector (or angel) was in charge of ensuring nobody entered the Light, for the Light is what each human wants more of since the Fall of Man but cannot obtain. Protectors have changed as they have found replacements, the Island has been hidden from humanity through intricate scientific phenomenon... but ultimately the Island has been found again and again by the Protector who, after years of service, wishes to find his replacement.


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