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The End---a 9 by luxiegenie

Originally, I had two theories:

1. The show would end with Jack's eye opening again, followed by the original sequence from the pilot.

2. The show would end with all the ALT-Losties realizing the time on the island HAD happened, but Jack would have to die in the ALT as he had to choose between ALT and the island. And he'd chose the island. But all the characters would assemble somewhere (maybe the hospital) to pay their respects for him saving the world. And he'd be alone on the island forever. During the finale, I must have said "I called it" like 20x. Especially with the wounds on his neck. Yet I still missed it.

But, anyway, I do think the finale went down the religious/spiritual plane (pun not intended) instead of the science-fiction plane.

In fact, it was very similar to the end of The Titanic, when Kate Winslet ascended the stairs to find Jack (ironic name?)waiting for her -and all the other people who died. But not all of them died on the ship. Kathy Bates survived the disaster, but was there, looking just like she did during the movie.

So, like what Christian said to Jack about "some dying before, some dying after", they could have appeared to each other in a common "conciousness" manner as they prepared to move on. It seems pretty likely that was the case now.

I admit I bawled each and every time the characters realized their common backgrounds. Especially Sawyer and Juliet (although it was the corniest). I think the look on Sun and Jin's faces was one of the most inspriring and emotional moments of the entire series. A stark contrast to the other book-end from 2.5 weeks earlier-- of their hands under the water slipping away from each other.

So, when it is all done, this is INDEED a show about CHARACTERS. And we cared about them. Even the ones we hated. I'm a guy who doesn't get sentimental. I didn't even cry during The Notebook. But I bawled about 5x during those final 2.5 hours. And each time it was about the characters remembering each other and their incredible experiences while they were alive.

And how about the amazing scene when Jack and MIB charged each other. Did you notice that Jack had the high-ground??

Everyone I know has said they would rank the finale no higher than a 7. I agreed with that when I turned off the TV on Sunday night.

But now I give it a 9. And I can't get the Lost background "inspirational" theme music out of my head!!

I'll miss the show -and this site.

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