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Nobody Does It Alone by Gboy1803

I would like, if I may, to share a personal story with you all. Ten years ago, my father died of lung cancer. Towards the end, he was a shadow of his former self. Hospitalised and on morphine, I watched my father every day go closer and closer towards the inevitable. One night, we received a phone call from the hospital, we were to come in straight away as he had taken a turn for the worse and was not expected to last the night.

At around 4am, we were all gathered around his bedside when my father woke suddenly. I watched in horror as a man so weak and riddled with pain, thrashed and tried to get out of bed. He was smiling and tears were pouring down his face. "it's so beautiful"', he kept shouting. "The light, let me go to it". At this point, the nurses rushed in and gave him something to calm him down. They explained the morphine may have been making him hallucinate. My logical mind processed this yet my mother was deeply shaken and went alone to the hospital chapel to pray. Unbeknown to myself, my mother was praying for more time, she begged God with all her heart for just a little more time.

At around 9am the next day, my father awoke, sat up in bed and said he was starving and wanted a cooked breakfast. I was dumbfounded. The doctors had been so certain that this was it, and here was my father looking better than I had seen him in weeks. The doctor, who we had got to know so well, quipped that my father had a strong constitution and did a remarkable impression of Lazarus.

For the next 4 days, I had my father back. He had a calm about him that was almost unearthly. My mother feels those 4 days were some of the best she had with him and was blessed to have. Eventually, a heart attack took my father due to the pressure the cancer was placing on him and he died almost instantly. Maybe my mother received her extra time, just not in the way she expected.

For the record, I am logical, I believe in science, but that night in the hospital, will live on in my mind for the rest of my life. It has changed my beliefs and the experience of it, whether it was my father witnessing a divine presence or the release of chemicals in the brain, has made me into a better, more considerate, compassionate person as a result of it.

And this is why the Lost Finale brought me to tears. I literally sat and sobbed. I don't think I have ever cried that hard. It was like a release. A cathartic TV experience akin to being at a funeral. Yes, questions remained unanswered, mysteries unsolved but wasn't that the point. There are mysteries in all our lives, as I have just demonstrated, that will never be answered. We just have to interpret the best way we can. Some people will use science, others will attribute faith.

Maybe you didn't like the spirituality of the ending or felt it was a cop out. However, millions did. It was beautifully shot. More importantly, it left people with questions about their own existence and the nature of life and death. The survivors were lost in the world, not lost on this island. They were broken flawed people. The finale brought them full circle, resolved with their issues and into the light. It spoke of redemption for all and the possibility of finding peace in yourself.

As for the some of the questions left by the show that fans obsess over, here are my personal answers to some of them that the series overall hinted at during it’s run:

Why cant’ children be born on the Island?
Ethan was the last child to be seen born on the island without problem in the 1970’s. Since the incident took place in 1977, I always assumed that the fallout from this had caused a problem in fertility and pregnancy on the island, hence Juliet’s presence on the island as a fertility doctor from 2004 onwards. Never looked too hard into this mystery beyond that. Not really key to the story arc in anyway or not enough to impact my enjoyment of it.

Supply drops?
Sine they spent considerable time in Season 4 setting up that time did not work right and passed by at different speeds on the island. I simply took the supply drop as a wonky reinforcement of that. Due to the various time flashes in season 4/5, the island was pretty unstable a lot of the time, particularly in the 70’s when dharma was most active. I just assumed that a supply drop got caught during a time flash in this period and dropped the load 30 years later than expected. Again, thats how my imagination explained it and it was good enough for me

What happened to Cindy and the Kids?
Fairly obvious they were still on the island, as were Rose ad Bernard. Hurley and Ben had to have someone to teach and lead. The people that were left became Hurley’s new followers, who taught them a new, different, relaxed way of living. In my head, plenty of golf was involved.

Who broke the circle of ash around the cabin?
My imagination said it was Claire. MIB was trapped inside and led Claire away in the night with the express purpose of getting her to break the circle, so that he could be released. Prior to being released from the cabin, he could only take the form of smoke or manipulate through the images of others. Being released from the cabin allowed him to carry out his loophole and take a human body again.

I would have to write a book to go through all the answers I have come up with in my imagination to explain the world of Lost. But this is what makes Lost unique. It allows your imagination to thrive. Millions of fans will interpret all these questions differently and is what will guarantee Lost a place in the TV Hall of Fame. The people who moan and complain are the same people who watch 2001 and want a direct explanation of what the monolith is and where it came from and exactly how it works and what it does. Does Arthur C Clarke and Kubrick not giving these answers directly make it any less a book and movie classic?

In a world dominated by shows like Big Brother and other mindless crap, I find it awe inspiring that a show like Lost can explore these themes and make people think about the life they live. Maybe I liked it because it gave me a sense of hope that somehow, someway, we all carry on. Live together, die alone was the motto throughout the show but the finale turned that on it's head. Just as my family and friend gathered to be around my father at the end, nobody does it alone.

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