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Can the candidates kill themselves? by Lost51

Not sure whether someone has ever posted anything similar, if yes – real sorry for duplicating the thoughts.

A couple of points I have noticed from the past episodes:

1. Jack cannot kill himself (BlackRock scene with Richard)
2. Sawyer triggers the wires on the bomb leading it to explode later (it should not have happened if he could not kill himself)
3. Hurley sets up an explosion of the BlackRock (as he was very close to the ship it should not have happened if he could not kill himself)
4. Jin has decided to stay and consequently drowns (it should not have happened if he could not kill himself)

So the question is why this happens. My thoughts:
1. Only some of the candidates cannot kill themselves
2. There are not the candidates any more, thus no Island protection
3. Hurley’s case – OK, it may be possible that the explosion did happen only because he had already run far enough from the BlackRock
4. Jin’s case – he may wash up ashore... it did happen during the freighter scene (I really doubt this would happen)
5. Jin’s case – another explanation: he had never been the candidate under 42
6. Sawyer’s case – the bomb explodes because Sayid takes it, but then again at that time Sayid is one of the candidates (of course, it may be possible that he is kind of “claimed” so the candidate status does not apply to him any more)

To go further, if they are not the candidates any more, there must already be a new Jacob. But wouldn’t Flocke know it then? He tells Claire: “not all of them”, so either he knows the future or has some kind of innate feeling telling him whether the candidates are dead or not and whether there is a new Jacob. In fact, the words “not all of them” should actually imply that there is no new Jacob...

So once they are still the candidates, it looks like only some of them cannot kill themselves.

Yah, voila. Not really sure about it. Thoughts? :)

Thank you for taking the time to read the bit!

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