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We have all been so wrapped up in recent events that maybe, like Sawyer, we have forgotton the game changer from the season opener, LAX.

Two words from that episode if shared with Jack, could tranform beliefs and motivations for everyone On-Island in the remaining episodes. Sawyer so consumed with guilt and loss over Juliet, pays no heed to her final words. And yet those words were HUGE. Using Miles to read her thoughts from the grave, he discovers the message that she wanted to tell him over all other things:

“It worked.”

A character whose mind is always in the NOW, Sawyer has always failed to see the bigger picture. He looked at his jungle surroundings and naïvely believed nothing had worked because he was “still stuck on this damn rock.”

However, somebody of Jack’s current mindset would understand completely what Juliet was trying to tell not just Sawyer, but everyone else: ‘It worked. Our plane did not crash, and there is an ALTERNATIVE REALITY where we continue to live.’

Will it take Jack to make Sawyer realise there is another timeline out there in which he is probably with Juliet and safe from the Island’s forces? Will it take Jack to make them all realise both versions of themselves cannot exist and they must choose one to perish? Will this be what makes Sawyer sacrifice himself on island? To save not only Jack but to also be reunited with the woman he loves?

Too often this season, we have seen our Off-Island characters start to realise there is another life out there that they should be living. Desmond is forcing their hand most of the time, but the Alt versions are aware of the On-Island versions.

The final two words of Juliet when shared with Jack and the group, will make them aware of an Alternative timeline that will FORCE the timelines to merge in what many expect to be Lost’s biggest twist.

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