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Okay, first of all, I am fortunate because I started to watch Lost somewhere around the 2nd or 3rd week of March of this year, 2010. What fun, no waiting, not a lot of commercials, like a long wonderful book, til the end and now I have to wait like the rest of us. Many people I talked to gave up and said it was too confusing, well let me tell you when you watch it like I did it’s not confusing in fact I am astonished at how it’s all coming together. Everyone should read the bonus’s on the first season just to see how this came about. Wow, talk about chances and putting it together by the hair on your chin, chin, chin.

SAWYER, it’s Sawyer, let me say that in one of the bonus’s one of the writers Mothers said “I Don’t care what happens, don’t get rid of Sawyer” , boy do I agree. He is like the little train that could. He’s definitely an opportunist. Example the store, remember he kept it together, while everyone ran around in circles. As a young boy he knew he was going to avenge his parents and he did.
He also found happiness on the Island before the sideways crap. He didn’t want to leave, he wasn’t a fool.I don’t know exactly how it’s going to happen but he is the main key to me. Sawyer isn't afraid of the Island, to me he represents common, hard working, ,move ahead even though all is falling down around you. You know there are a lot of red herrings on this Island and sometimes what is in front of us, is in front of us. How bout this, in the end Sawyer runs to the beach away from Smoky, he is the only one left, as he approaches the beach a plane is coming out of the sky about to crash. Starts all over again.
Now remember Sawyer talked to Locke but never went to the Dark Side, why? These are just random thoughts.
I want to know the end, but like all great books, I hate to see it end.

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