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I hate to be the one to Burst the bubble, but after reading many great theory's its not that complicated. They have already told us everything, its just the cliff hangers left really are easy to piece together.

I doubt its all the scientific stuff and mythology stuff that will be the end and explination of everything. Its too complicated to explain and too much to take it.

So here it is the sum up of it all. Most of it you all know and have ripped apart looking for a more complexity to it. There is'nt one.
What is the Island? A place where Jacob has brought people, where there pasts do not matter. Its a place where they fight. Corrupt. They destroy. I.E The incident, Darhma the others, Scientific testing resulting in Fertility issues, polar bears, electo crap etc. Remember it only ends once everything else is just progress.
Why is everyone on the Island? They were all brought there.
What is the MIB? The smoke Moster. He believes that everyone is corruptable because it's in their very nature to sin. So the Smoke Monster elimanates the sin that is brought to the island, by killing those who really do not belong there. He might be evil yes. The wine in the bottle. Thats the only thing we have to wait to see. But thats what TV is. You can't know it all now. How he got there with Jacob as well. Wait for it people.
What about the numbers? They are just numbers Jacob had a thing for Numbers, and that is why Hurley has the thing for numbers to. It was just to get him to the island like everyone else.
Charles Widmore, and Benjamin Linus. Just people sent to corrupt and destroy. After all thats what they both did. Its become there obsession. Charles only wanted to come back cause he wanted Ben dead from being banished. Now he is back to protect the island and continue to exploit it. Ben gave up after realizing the Island and Jacob, was nothing that he always stood up for.
ALT time line? Think to the time shift, when Locke saw himself at the hatch sawyer saw Kate. You can't have to of yourself running around in the same time. The ALT timeline is there lives not coming to the island. They still remember something odd, cause what happened happened. They still find all of one another
because its fate and in juilettes words "it worked" You have to die, to live your ALT timeline. Until then it still exists, your just not there yet. Instead they are all trapped on the island until the island is done with them. Just like the whispers. Trapped souls. Thats all it is is intrapment. It keeps being said that they are trapped!!! All of them just need to be freed to there lives they all actually have. Even the MIB.
Richard. He got his wish he will live forever! He came on the black rock. Enough said I don't need to go into that self explianatory!
Who is the candidate? They all are, but face it. Is one really gonna stay behind? They all have ALT lives they are all gonna live them. Who really wants to stay behind when they can live with family and get on with there lives. Remember is just a damn Island! Are they gonna end it as a crowning of the new Jacob, and everyone else leaves?
Face it, all love connections on Island will happen in the ALT timeline. Jacob will always die they found a loophole. No need for what is the loophole, obviously its when John dies! The island is a island that can do things time travel, magic bla bla.... The smoke monster can't go through those sonic fences, just like dogs can't, just like anyone can't if they are turned on big deal. Desmond can handle electro things. great for him!

Its not something that needs to be ripped apart, and have these crazy things from books or old professors. Its what it is. The only things left are some questions on how it all ends. Just like any other show. Just wait and see. Bet you won't be all that surprised.

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