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Others Keepers by Monika

Most of you know what I was on about. Loop.

I still believe everything we saw thus far was in fact a loop. And this loop..its been playing over and over...since when? I have no idea. I think it started once MiB died and became Smoke Monster.

When does it end? It could have ended on numerous occasions. But it didn't mainly because of Jack and Locke. We all saw these turning points. Events. Finale of season 2. Finale of season 3. Finale of season 4. Finale of season 5.

---------------o------------- this is how I see it.

IMO It will end now. This loop they are in. It will result in one of the candidates fulfilling their destiny. And everything points in Jack. He will become new Jacob. I am still not sure what that means. Does it mean he will become one, united with the island because I am positive the island is not an island but a being of some sort. Or these two, Jacob and the island are in fact two different entities that are working together. Like Richard said everyone has a boss. :)

The Others are keepers of time and life on Earth. But first they were all Candidates. And they were brought to the island via US Military, Black Rock, Dharma Initiative, Oceanic 815, Aijira 316. First set of Others we met were brought via Black Rock, DI, sub and we know who they are. Most of them are dead now.

The second set of Others were brought to the island in "Pilot" when Oceanic 815 crashed on this island. This flight was like any other flight or boat, sub trip we have seen. Why? Because it brought the Candidates. The possibilities are endless because if you are a Candidate it doesn't mean you are the One. My gut tells me Jack is the One. /this is very hard for me to admit..:) Maybe not that hard now when I see a man he became mainly because of John Locke who is still my number 1 survivor. First love stays forever. lol/

I have always wanted Lost to end ambiguous. Jack waking up in the jungle as a final scene. But then I thought about it and figure it can't end like that. Because we already know they are in some sort of loop. Hawking, Widmore, Desmond are the evidence that support this idea. They know what suppose to happen. They know things in front. Flashes before your eyes has all the answers.

So if thats not the end what is it? The end could be another crash..but this time not Oceanic 815 but some other plane. Some people will die..some will survive. No one will come looking for them. They will try to leave the island but they will fail. Until they discover that they are not the only people on this island. Until they discover Oceanic 815 remains..Orchid..Flame and so on. Until these other people who were already on the island start attacking them. This other people will become the Others for these survivors. And at the end it will be revealed these new Others are in fact Sawyer..Kate..Hurley who all answer to one man. A great man. Wise man. Not very forgiving man. A doctor. Jack Shepard. Their leader. And this is how we will get an answer to the question who are the Others and what is their goal and purpose. I am positive the goal and purpose has everything to do with Smoke Monster and pockets of energy all around the island.

Just like Jacob and MiB, Jack and Co. will search for new candidates that will eventually replace them. And this brilliant story will never end.

Thanks for reading.

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