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In "The Candidate" people will say that the 2 biggest lines were

1) "It's going to be you, Jack"

2) "John Locke told me to stay"

However, I disagree. By far the biggest line came much earlier in the episode. When confronted by Locke on the beach, Jack says:


This was a huge line in the history of Lost, and especially in the journey that Jack has undergone. Because it was Jack saying that if they choose to go against the Island then they are no consequence to him. At that moment he put the Island above Kate, and everyone else. It was Jake's confirmation that he had learnt to let them be to their own fate. He was no longer interested in trying to fix things or running after them. Only when Locke threatened to kill him was he FORCED into helping free them. But notice the minute they were free he told them he was staying on the Island and would never leave. The subtext of which is quite clearly, "You choose to leave then you're not my people."

The latter lines of dialogue mentioned above were only the writers making the other characters realise Jack was NOW Jacob. But at the moment Jack said "They are not my people." he had BECOME Jacob. It was the biggest line, and the smartest line of the entire season.

After six seasons of Jack leading them, and trying to help them leave the Island, he had finally become the person Jacob and real Locke had always been pushing him to be.

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