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The Constant, The Variable, and The End by Sean C

This is something I came up with yesterday when discussing LOST with my sister.
ok, here goes nothing. For starters, we have to remember 2 very important principles brought forth by Daniel Faraday. The first of which is a constant. Something that links a person from one time to another and anchors their consciousness. This was brought up by Daniel when Desmond was "un-stuck" in time. I think we all remember that episode. The ... See Moresecond principle is that of the variable. A variable is something introduced into an "equation" that changes the course of things. This was introduced in the episode where Daniel is killed in the past by his future mother.

I am of the belief that Desmond is the constant for the remaining candidates. Here is where this differs a bit. I believe that Desmond is their constant through the 2 existing timelines, not 2 different times in one timeline as we have been shown so far. Through his exposure to the vast amount of electromagnetic energy on the island, not once but twice, this has somehow opened up his consciousness to both timelines, which once he met Charlie in the "alternate" timeline, triggered his gradual rememberance of the "original" timeline up until he meets Penny in the "alternate" timeline. In that timeline, he now seems completely aware of both timelines. I believe that once he gathers the remaining 4 candidates together, he will trigger in them their full awareness of the "original" timeline. At the same time, no pun intended, I believe that Desmond, in the "original" timeline, is the variable in The Man In Black's plan. His exposure to the electromagnetic activity has somehow given him special "abilities". I dont want to call them powers because I dont think they are. He seems like he verbally "manipulated" Sayid into not killing him a couple weeks back. Could it be that because he was exposed to the great amounts of electromagnetic activity, which is the unique property of the island, this has somehow "linked" him to the island and its powers? Obviously, The Man In Black is threatened by him as evidenced by his kidnapping of him, tossing him into the well, and sending Sayid to kill him. I feel that in the end The Man In Black will be very close to achieving his goal but Desmond will sacrifice himself in order to stop him. I do not mean that he will stay on the island. He will die. Jack will become the new "Jacob", or protector of the island. Jack is a similar name to Jacob. I can see him getting Hugo, Kate, and Sawyer off of the island. This being his final to payback to Sawyer for getting Juliet killed. Also, sending Kate with him so that they can finally be together, giving Sawyer and Kate one true chance at happiness with his infant daughter Clementine back home. Its apparent that since the island is sunken in the "alternate" timeline that The Man In Black cannot escape. I think that keeping the Man In Black on the island in the "original" timeline will allow the remaining candidates to have some happiness, much like the "alternate" timeline where, as it is not a perfect world, but they all seem to be at peace with where they are in life. They have some level of happpiness in this timeline. And if Jack stays on the island, woudnt that be his way of fixing all of the mistakes he made as "leader" of the castaways. As we know before he crashed, he was somewhat "obsessed" with fixing things in his life. The final shots of the show will be The Man In Black, in the form of John Locke sitting with Jack on the beach looking out into the ocean and he says to Jack " Do you have any idea how bad I want to kill you?", while we flash to the "alternate" timeline and we see Jack beginning surgery on Locke to repair his spine as they both have learned to "let go" of their guilt. The shot on the beach would echo the "Jack vs. Locke" theme that has been running along all of the seasons, while the shot of Jack beginning surgery on Locke in the "alternate" reality would show how vastly more "improved" these two characters have become. Thoughts?

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