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Allright this is going to be very long theory. This is what I think is going to happen to every character still alive on the Island.

Jack- Jack is a major player of lost. Always will be whether we like him or not. Personally, I sort of like him now although I hated him in previous seasons. I belive that Jack's destiny is the most simple. It is to become Jacob and to stop The Man In Black from leaving the island. I will get into more information later on why I think this with the dead Jacob. His destiny is intertwined with Desmond. He needs to find Desmond and then he will have the wildcard of Lost on his side. Jack will fullfill his destiny through Desmond. Jack has figured out the rules. Jacob touched him and he is nearly invincible. Hence why he never seems to get shot especially when like a dozen people shot at him during the previous dock shootout. I expect a huge Flocke vs Jack showdown. The one we've all been waiting for. Jack's gift I believe is to fix things that are impossible. However, he is given up on fixing things. Hurley warned Jack that if he let's go they might pay for it. They did half the Candidate's are dead. Jack will fix one more thing before dying or becoming the new Jacob. He will stop the Man In Black, kill him or die by Flocke's hands. I'm expecting the second one. He might die and sink the island somehow. This will be through Desmond.

Desmond- Desmond is the dark horse, loose cannon, the ace in Jacob's sleeve agaisnt the Man In Black. I suspect that he is holding the Candidate postion until Jack takes over. He obviously told Sayid valuable information that we don't know about. Desmond knows the endgame of Lost. That is why he does not care. M.I.B fears him horribly. He was throw down a well and didn't die which means that Jacob may have given him the magic touch at some point. Maybe when Desmond mind traveled he talked to Jacob? "A lot can happen in ten minutes." said Desmond. Desmond knows everything. Notice that when he got to the island that he was immediately sent to the Swan Station. M.I.B. did not know anything about him at this point he was underneath the ground for two and half years. He took the vaccines possibly because M.I.B was trying to claim from the begginning like Claire but will get to that later. If Desmond knows everything as I suspect then he is seeing the future again. Desmond does not play by the rules. He can change any event as proven with previous episodes. For all we know he is changing everything as we speak throughout the six seasons. Desmond is the most special because:
-He might be able to cure the sickness. (As seen with unzombiefied Sayid in the last episode)
-He can survive electrogmagnetic blasts. Widmore said he is the only person alive to do this.
- He can predict the future.
- He can change the outcome of an event.
- He can travel through time by his own consciousness.
- Is aware of the sideways world and island world. He is also trying to merge them or make them remember the island world for some unknown purpose. I just hope Desmond gets out of this alive. I don't care really care for Jack. Game on brotha!

Sawyer- I smell an uneasy alliance between Jack and Sawyer. Since well they are both responsible for the present kill count. The master con artist with future Jacob. This has tag team battle all over it! Sawyer may be hellbent on revenge to. This should not come as a surprise since he tracked down Anthony Cooper for all those years. Sawyer will feel guilt and he'll probably die though. What comes around goes around. Maybe he'll be killed in the outrigger chase by Juliet. Not much of a stretch since Daniel was killed by his own Mom. How's that for horrible.

Frank- He better be alive. Why waste his character for fourteen episodes. He's not dead until I see the body. Also, he is just due for a one liner agaisnt Smokey. If Frank is dead then well everyone is going to die. There is no submarine, no plane to get off the island. The only way now if Frank is dead is to take the wheel to get off the island. That's well sort of like a one ticket off the island for one person. Hopefully Brotha Desmond will be the one to take the wheel route. If Frank is alive he'll start trying to get people on the plane and for take off. Maybe he'll have a standoff with Smokey western style. If anyone comes with Frank it will be a few passengers. My bet Hurley and Claire. Maybe Frank is dead. Also, Sideways Locke knows how to fly a plane. Hmmmmmmmm.

Kate- I hate Kate personally. She is annoying and Juliet should be alive instead. However, she does have her uses. If Kate doesn't get shot then well everybody dies on the sub. In other words it was a good time for Kate to get shot. My God she has her uses after all! Maybe M.I.B shot her. It would be a good way to get ex-lover Jack on the sub. I think Kate will succeed in getting Claire off the island. Just well by doing so she will probably die. People will be sad and other will cheer with her demise. In other words like Sawyer she's a goner.

Claire- will get off the island. She might also die without seeing Aaron. That would be sad.

Miles- He is dead man. I'll elaborate further with Richard.

Richard- Richard, Ben and Miles are in the Dharma Barracks. Planning an attack agaisnt Smokey. Here's my guess. Its not looking good for them. Miles is deader then a doornail. M.I.B. took care of them before Jack and co. got to the airplane. My guess is they planted the bomb. Smokey found out. Smokey went hulk on them and there dead! Miles is dead. Richard is well immortal so he probably escaped. Ben is maybe dead. Most likely he probably manipulated himself out of the situation. Maybe Desmond got extra company in the well with Ben and Richard. Richard I think is Jacob's immortal messenger boy. He needs to tell Jack and co. that the island is a cork. Letting him leave will cause all hell to break loose literally and you get the rest. Once he says this he will die soon afterwards. Right now Richard and company are the only ones fighting M.I.B. Don't make M.I.B. angry! M.I.B. will smash you! Richard is not going to go join M.I.B nope no sir ree. He is hellbent on destroying M.I.B. The only reason M.I.B wanted Richard is because he knows the truth of the Island. He does not want Richard to tell them about it because it would undermine his plans. Well Richard hasn't yet because he's being stupid! Probably will die when he tells Jack about the island. Rest In Peace Richard and hopefully not in hell.

Ben- Is going to go double agent. He will pull through. He will manipulate M.I.B. He will get his third shot at killing Fake Locke. Hopefully, it won't be sideways Locke. Well get to that....

M.I.B.- Now! What irked me is that M.I.B. said don't tell me what I can't do! With well the mysterious Jacob kid. Is he becoming John Locke. No that's not the right word I'm looking for. He's being claimed by John Locke. A role reversal of the sickness. Locke got completely used and now M.I.B. is going to pay for it. Flash Sideways Locke might take over M.I.B. Hey he is a pilot after all. Now thats a good way to fix your problems. The real Locke flies the plane off the island with everyone. The island probably sinks. This works good for M.I.B.he did get to go home after. Just the problem of not existing anymore. Everybody wins right! Afterwords real Locke/smokey can go hulk on Jack for not believing him. He can do his signature knife throw in Ben's face for killing him. He can hunt boars in his backyard! He can go hulk on his boss! he can play backgammon with Walt again! He can go on his roundabout and if anyone says no to do that. There going to die! Locke wins! Hooray for Locke!

Hurley- Alright getting over the ridiculous turn of events with this theory page, I would like to get serious again. Hurley is the ghost whisperer. He will get more intel from Jacob. He will help out Jack and Sawyer. Hurely will watch M.I.B die by Jack throwing water in his face (think wizard of oz death) or watching him get Artzd. He'll be laser beamed in the face by the allpowerful Buddha Desmond. Hurley will then say a serious response to M.I.B.'s sudden demise. He will say "Dude!"

Jacob- Jacob is going to win the game. Whatever that game is I have no idea. We won't know what that game is until next Tuesday. All I know is that Jacob's army I mean Jack and co. are ready to get on his bandwagon. Jacob isn't as he great as he seems. I would not be surprised if he was obsessive and had his own signature Jackface. However, at the lighthouse it became clear that the whole reason of bringing out Jack to the lighthouse was to let him see that he had been watching him. Like Santa Claus. Jacob like Santa gave Jack the gift of being The true Candidate. He also delayed the meeting with The Man In Black. Jack was in the transiton to being the new Man In Faith. He also didn't want him to be at the Temple Massacre. Whatever the case maybe the Lighthouse journey paid off. Jacob has won. The only question now is who is Jack going to pick for his goverment positons of the island. For the Cabinet his friends. For the Senate Cocunuts. Finally, the House of Representatives I'm thinking boars and that annoying frog from some Lost episode I saw. Well that's it. It was long but that is what I think minus the stupid.

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