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Ok a friend and I were going through all the "unsolved" mysteries left on LOST after the finale, and i think we came up with an awesome answer to why we saw the DHARMA food drop years after we know the DHARMA on the island became extinct. Here's our theory:

I don't remember the exact date that the dharma purge took place but i think it was in the 80s some time. So for about 20 years dharma no longer existed on the island. We would have to assume that the "outside the island" dharma team would be trying to get in contact with their island team and would not get any answers so you would think they would send other teams out to the island to find out whats going on right? With me so far?

Well how would you prevent more DHARMA people coming to the island if you were the Others? Well you would take their place wouldn't you? And thats exactly what part of the Others did! I think most of us thought Ben decided to live in the barracks just for the hell of it, but i think this thoery solves two mysteries, why the Others were living in the dharma barracks and why the food drops kept coming.

Heres why. Ben and the Others took over the DHARMA stations and would answer any calls from outside DHARMA to make them think DHARMA was still active and prevent more from going to the island. If you think about it he set up people at pretty much every dharma station; Mckail at the Flame, the two girls at the Looking Glass, a team at Hydra, and of course Desmond was already at the Swan. Doesn't this seem like a perfect explanation to why the Others were using the Dharma station, rather than just for the hell of it?

So why the food drops? Well that's because Ben and the Others were "playing dharma" so we can assume they convinced the outside Dharma people to keep sending food drops. Easy as that.

Vozzek, i love your recaps and i hope you read this, i would love to see your thoughts.

Here's to cracking out some more answers by using what we know already!

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