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Ben Linus is the ultimate devious one.

Reading into the last episode "what they died for" they referrred to how Ben "summoned" the monster. If we remember back he unplugged a hole which filtered water into it, next thing we knew the monster was wreaking havoc. I think at that moment Ben knew what he had to do to contain Smokey. Ben is now playing conman towards Flocke and will follow Smokey towards the well.

Ben will try to contain Flocke in the well probably by pushing him in as we know it can be done from Jack doing so. Maybe it is the water that prevents him from becoming the smoke aspect of him. He will use the C4 he had in his secret room and blow up the well filling it with rubble . He will sacrifice himself in the process.

On an endgame theory. My personal thoughts on the finale will be that jack will realise the true aspect of what is happenning and that there is an ALT in existance. Desmond in the ALT will push all these people together again now with added memories of some ofthe WHH existance. By having all the people together in one place they're memories will all come back. All of it. If we are assuming that if the "light goes out" then the island sinks, then "everything you know and love would not exist". In the ALT the island has sunk, and people who they know and love still exist. So i think that rules the light going out theory. The island sinking thing will be done by something we have yet to see. I do believe that the island will sink with Smokey still contained in the well. Everyone will Die. However something at the concert will trigger memories of everything that happenned in the losties and wil be done so by Daniel Faraday. Eloise Hawking will try to stop this no doubt.

Bit of a random theory but hope its plausable. Shred away.

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