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Walt, do you want to know a secret? by Bama76

I sat down last night and watched to the full pilot (both episodes). It's weird to see just how much the character's have grown over the past 6 seasons.

Several things stuck out to me and goes alot with the theories. Walt walk's up on John Locke setting up the game. Walt does not know what it is. Locke proceed's to tell him the history and state's that it is the oldest known game to man. And the light/dark aspect is prevelant as he hold's up the game pieces. The final line from Locke is, "Walt, do you want to know a secret?", then goes to commercial break. Quite similar to Jacob walking up to Adam and asking what game he is playing / found.

As I stated above, I have not watched the first season in some time so I'm unsure if there's more to the scene if future episodes of season 1.

But what if, as theories have stated, that all the answer's are in the pilot.

1. Jack just happen's to wake up near the exact location of the light. And for some reason he has a flashlight right beside's his head. How did he get so far from everyone else? What would be the significance of a flashlight if any.
2. The dog come's right up to Jack. Most animal's are loaded in the tail end of a plane. The tail did not come close to Jack's location. Where did the dog come from?
3. The smoke monster is actually shown in the pilot. You get a quick glimpse of the black smoke just before he rip's the pilot out of the cockpit. Since this pilot is not the correct pilot (maybe selected by Jacob - Lapadus), was he killed and left visible for the losties for a reason?
4. The smoke monster makes some different noises in the t.v. pilot. Noticeably the chain sounds are missing. Is there something here or just did it change sounds thru the seasons?
5. Walt seem's to be the truly connected lostie to the island from the get go. What is Walt's true connection to the island? Is he similar to MIB. Walt is 10, Adam and Jacob are 13. Any significance with the young ages.

Of course I'm asking a lot of questions here but it seen's like Lost is one giant loop.

I think now that Desmond is the most important because of his job on the island. He is a second Jacob. It's his responsibility to keep the EM at bay buy punching the numbers into the system. Jacob's job is to keep smokie at bay. See the similarities. Jacob cannot be killed by smokie. Desmond cannot be killed by the EM release. Another siliarity. I'm still guessing about the 108 minute thing but (correct me if I'm wrong), the remaining candidates numbers equal 108 when added together, the exact time frame for Desmond to punch in the code before a EM release happens (same numbers as well as the candidates). Now we see that Desmond is the real special one in the ALT univers, like Jacob on the island. Or for the real twist, Adam is the real special one on the island and he is equal to Desmond in the ATL. Desmond being the failsafe for Jacob is like Desmond turning the FAILSAFE key to keep the EM pulse at bay has too many similarities as well.

This is mostly rambling right now but I see something here that I can't quite put my mind around. Please, help me out.

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