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I believe that the events that we refer to as the “alt” are not “alt” at all. They are all flashbacks from the current island story of our Losties (Jack becoming Jacob etc...) (They are just not aware).

So here’s what I’m thinking. Seasons 1-5 play out, the bomb goes off. Now the writers want us to assume that our Losties are still on the island because the bomb didn’t work. Well according to Juliet “it worked”. And then what’s the deal with the “alt”. So my theory is that when the bomb went off it created a “time shift/reset” that put our Losties in new lives that had no island influence. We are seeing this pick up from the plane not crashing. In this “alt” when close to death they have visions of the “past” life (season 1-5) but nothing from the season 6 island that we know of. So I’m guessing that Desmond in the finale will be gathering or Losties so they can “let got” and do something to fix that fact that the bomb should have never happened. The “alt” is not the right way, Its not real. So working with Daniel? Desmond will come up with a plan to get time “fixed”. This is now where I think Island season 6 takes place. Was I the only one who thought it was odd that Kate woke up in a tree? So everything we see on island in season 6 is the most current part of our losties History.

Here are some facts I use to come to this conclusion.

1. Juliet says “it Worked” when close to death. Just like in the “alt” when faced with death our Losties remember their past even if its b4 a “time shift/reset”. So Juliet at the start of season 6 was just remembering her past in the “alt” because it happened b4 her death (during finale?).

2. Eloise says “it’s in fact a violation”. Well in other episodes Desmond when exposed to high electromagnetism became aware of his future while in the past. The first time Desmond knowing how he messed up with Penny was determined to fix it the 2nd time around. But just as Eloise says in season 6, she told Desmond he can’t mess with his past with Penny, he must no give her the ring. So in season 6 When Widmore exposes Desmond to electromagnetism he again became aware of his future while in the past. Desmond was not jumping realities he was jumping back just as he did b4.

3. Why would Desmond be gathering our Losties? I doubt Desmond just wants all our Losties to rock out together at a concert. I believe he has a much bigger plan in mind with the help from Daniel. Something they do in the finale will put our Losties back on the island with no memory of the “alt” (not unless the close to death. Juliet).

4. This Theory explains the following: What Eloise was upset about, How Juliet knew about the “alt” at start of 6, why Desmond was able to become “aware” in the “alt”, and why Desmond is so hell bent to get everyone to remember.

I’m sure there is a lot of stuff I’m missing and I might be way off. But for me this makes the most sense. This Theory also explains why the “alt” is so important in the story of Lost.

To sum up for those still confused: Season 1-5 happen, then all the “alt” stuff, then all season 6 Island stuff. The “alt” is NOT an “alt” it’s really a flashback.

This is how that writer’s got back to telling the story like season one.

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