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If the Alt time line, is there lives where they should be without sin, and themselves renewed, then why is it that somethings never change?

Rose still has Cancer.
Charlie still had a drug problem.
Libby, in a mental ward.

Shannon, will not leave after Boone, tries to save her.
Somethings aside have changed.
Jack, believes in himself, and does not depend on his father's acceptance so much
Hurley is a LUCKY millionaire
Sawyer is not a Con man but a cop.
Jin and Sun still have a child regardless of her father's pressure.
Sayid, is with Nadia, who is married, and he still kills a man, but saves Jin in doing so
John, and his father are on good terms. In a wheelchair yes, but not based on sin.
Ben - A teacher who cares.
Desmond found Penny, and Charles still accepts him.

Why? Everyone left on the island right now. Is untouchable by the MIB. Only the Island can kill them, when the island is done with them. Which is why we have seen some people go. ( Jin & Sun for example) The candidates, whom are still alive, cannot be killed by him. EVER! Therefore, there ALT lives on the island are their redemption for everything they have sacrificed for the Island. Coming back, defending it. Etc... These few people have always stuck it out in the name of the island, where the others died, because the island was done with them, and they clearly did not overcome there pasts enough to fix there future. ( Jin and Sun still have a child out of wedlock, while Sun's father tries to kill Jin for dating his daughter.)
Everyone, post MIB or Flocke, I.E The dead, or undetermined are still facing life challenges. Meaning there world still lives with corrupt and evil. (MIB) Everyone else (Candidates) have some use of redemption for there past lives, and possible future except Kate. Who was crossed out on the wall but not shown. She will be innocent. But yet she still is on the run.

Who Jacob touched, ( you know them all) are the only one that can overcome all the issues of there past. Which is why we don't see Jacob touch Eko, or Claire.He knows they will never change the outcome of who they are, but change the outcome of how things happen.

Its a balance, just like the island. A world cannot live without both. The island was a test to see if a world could live without either or, but it can't. You will always need a balance between both. A world with just good or evil, is too easy or too hard.

When it is all done and said, the outcome is clear. They will live the alt life. All of them. Some with the same issues, some changed.The children; Aaron will grow up like Charlotte looking for the island, as will Jin and sun's child, hoping for answers. Clementine, will also wonder, but this time with a father ( James) in her life. Each of them will lie like Charlotte mother, even miles that it never existed. The island will be sunk as shown. How we will see. And these children will live on in search of something sunken. Never getting the answers, cause all those in the ALT life don't know the answers either anymore.

This makes sooo much more sense in my head I swear!

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