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Christian's shoe by evdog_00

A lot of people have been theorizing that multiple times we've seen Christian, he really was Christian and not MIB. I was definitely NOT sold on MIB being Christian every time as he said he was. I know from reading many posts that many of us feel the same way. So...

I just started re-watching "Pilot, Part 1" for no real reason in particular if not just to look for things I've never noticed before. Jack wakes up on his back, eventually gets up and begins to run through the jungle. As he's running through the Jungle toward the beach, hanging from a stalk of bamboo is a white tennis shoe. As we all know, white tennis shoes are significant.

So if Christian really was Christian some of the times we've seen him, wouldn't he be missing a shoe? As I said, I wasn't 100% sold on Christian being MIB every time, but there's no way that's not Christian's shoe!

What do you guys think?

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