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First of all, english is not my mother lenguaje, so I apologise in advance for all the grammar and spelling mistakes.

Also, I'm using some ideas and theories from other people (special thanks to LOSTmymind), so all the credit isn't mine

My theory is based on cuantum mecanics. With cuantum mecanics we can have more "realities" on dimensions that we can not see. With enough enery we could "unwrap" these dimensions and travel to them.

I think the island was a natural "special place" with a huge electromagntic node, big enough to alter the laws of physics. But his node was "stable" (other wise, the island would have collapsed and never be inhabited).

In the past some civilization reached the island and founded this "special properties". They made some experiments and tried to understand how it worked and somehow messes it all and released some of the energy. This broke the balance in the island and the huge energies in it causes the volcano to appear and erupt. In order to contain all the energy and destruction they build the "hearth of the island" so all the energy can be in balance again.

If that balance is broken, all the energy in the island would be released leading to huge earthquakes, eruptions and so, leading to earth destruction.

With this theroy we could explain a few thing:

-Once the energy got released for the first time that "old civilization" though they have somehow angried gods, so they created that idea of good/evil and the need of protectors of the island. Thats why "mother" always talks about it mysticly

-When they contained the energy, the huge electromagnetism prevent the volcano from erupting, but also creates such a huge electromagnetic field that it actually "curve" light so much it became a "circle" and so it's contained withit the island. Thats the light we see inside the cave: light trapped into a huge magnetic field

-Also, the electromagnetic field is so strong inside the cave that only Desmond can go in to remove the "cork". It's in fact so strong it is even hurting Desmond

-Once the cork is removed we see all the red lights and heat: the volcano erupting. Also, the release of the energy start to break the island.

-Also, the huge energy in the island is what makes possible all the time travel, the whispers of the death (a small fisure between other realities, and the people in that reallity think they are dead), the healing properties, and so.

-I guess the black smoke needs all the electromagnetism to exist (It hold it together), but Jacob don't. Thats why Jacob can leave the island and Samuel can't.

-For last, "Purgatory" in the "alt" was just another reallity on other dimension and the losties are able to access it due to the huge energy of the island. Both reallities are conected and so, somehow, they became aware of then both. Obviously, the losties don't know all that "cuantum physics thing", so they give it a diferent meaning: the afterlife.

But this don't explain some things:

-Why Samuel became the dark smoke when entering the cave
-Why Jacob had more habilities than the rest of the island inhabitans

Some how I guess there is a "mix" of science and myth. I like to think that my theory makes sense and don't exclude the mytological part. All the volcano, electromagnetism and N dimensions can just be a physic reflection of a bigger thing.

Hope you enjoyed it. Once more, thanks to all those who helped me came up with this with all the theories posted. Any possible credit for this theory is as much theyrs as mine.

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