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Zeta Reticuli connection? by James Harmon

Like everyone else, I'm trying madly to place all the odd shaped pieces of this "Rubick's Cube for the brain" television show together. The whole decision and redemption theme is understandable and obvious. There are a few things I think that I can't seem to tie together. One being the specific Egyptian connection. The other is releasing this built-up energy on the island. Here's what I'm thinking...

1) Islands are mired to the ocean floor as opposed to floating around the ocean freely.
There are constant references to the Black Rock which is a vessel. A ship. I believe the island is a vessel or the creation of a crashed alien vessel from a binary star system (the pins on Eloise's lapel depict two different sized stars. Zeta Riticuli has such a configuration and where the aliens that abducted Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. Who, by the way were an interracial couple. Black & White)

2) The energy that needs to be released is a way to keep the core from going ultra nuclear. Probably involving creating anti or dark matter and or a black hole destroying the entire planet. Jacob/Smoky keep this stable. Or a chosen one does. Still working on this.

3) Why aliens? I'm just going by the breadcrumbs dropped by the show. In an early episode from the first season of the series. young Walt's reading a comic book that shows a polar bear, an alien on a lab table, a spaceship buried in an ice cap and a page showing an alien telling two super heroes that he is dying and doesn't want to die alone. The book is called Green Lantern/Flash "Faster Friends". On the show, it's in Spanish. I imagine to stall the screen cap people from reading it right away.
I've also read interviews from the producers that this particular comic book story has a lot to do with LOST. Two LOST episodes are named after two animated Justice League cartoons as well. Coincidence?

4) Perhaps the ship originally landed in Tunisia a long time ago and encountered a/the locals (Jacob?) making that the zero point before it teleported off of the continent into the sea, thus the Egyptian influence? It bugs me because it's so specific and everywhere. What's the connection?

I can't wait to find out what love lost, redemption, choices, energy purging, parallel realities, and Egypt all have in common to the big picture!

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