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Jet Li- THE ONE by voodoochile

I am not going to say this accurate, or that it's plausible to explain in the few remaining hours. However this weeks episode got me to thinking.

In typical Des episode fashion- I was really tripped out when I got to thinking about something. The idea comes from the early 2000's movie The One. It's a "martial arts" movie with Jet Li. However, it's a sci-fi movie too. Essentially the idea was that we exist in quite a few different realities/galaxies. We are the same person in each reality but just slightly different. In the movie for example, in one reality, G.W Bush was like a garbage man or something and Chris Rock was the president. Essentially we are the same person each time just a different version. The basic plot of the movie was that Jet Li realizes this intergalactic phenomenon and decides that he is going to go and kill off his other versions until he is the only version of himself left- hence The One.

While I don't think that this is quite what could happen in Lost. It got me to thinking. What if the point of the Island and the point of Lost is that these characters came and they caused the creation of a second version of themselves. The versions exist in both time and space in both reality. Desmond clearly jumped from one to the other. Des and Charlie's second versions clearly have had visions of their first versions. I think that Des V2.0 is going to go to the other lost characters V2.0's and try to show them. He is going to do this simultaneously while his V1.0 is going to be jumping back and forth and help the other's V1.0 connect with their 2.0. Either a couple things could happen here...


The V2.0s realize they need to find this island and they all come together. ( I know I know the island is sunk- however it's Lost wait and see). They get there and they start realizing what they've done and what they haven't done- or at least they think they understand. However, the V2.0s actually do something similar to what the V1.0s did, and thus create a V3.0 of themselves. If this is a possibility I doubt they will show it they will just have you infer it. These V3.0s would then start to have flashes of the 2.0s life and realize something is up; they will have visions of 2.0s having visions 1.0s and they become more and more Lost with each itteration. Perhaps Adam and Eve are some of the Losties just a different version.

I think that the bomb didn't sink the island (otherwise V1.0 characters obviously wouldn't be on the island right now).

Or, and what I actually think to be more accurate...

Version 2

Remember that time on the island is not = to time off the island. So, the V1.0s failed... but not yet in island time, only off the island time. So, V2.0s exist "off the island" but they are technically in the future to time on the island. So, the ability of Des to jump and recognize these versions... will be shown to and past along to the other characters and they will be able to do it,too. Or, at least some of them. The V2.0s will be able to "tell" the 1.0s where they went wrong and how they didn't succeed. Alowing them to choose something different. But they don't and they create a V3. This could also be Jacobs loophole. He has found a way to keep creating second chances for the losties to defeat MIB with recreated versions each time "MIB wins". He doesn't win because the candidates still exist in some form. If this is true...MIB will defeat all the V1.0s and thinks he can leave... just to find out that the V2.0s have just arrived.

Go ahead and take aim at this ranting. Remember that I said it was just a thought and probably way out there that it's not even rational... but that's what Des episodes do to me....

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