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Eloise Hawking Knows the Truth by Truth Lady

One of the big shockers in "Happily Ever After" was that Eloise Hawking seems to know about the Lostverse. Further, she seems to desperately want the altverse to continue. Of all of the people involved in the machinations and manipulations of the getting the Lostverse Losties back to the island and all of the manipulations of Desmond, Hawking is at the heart of them.

One can understand her interest in all of this in Lostverse. She has the knowledge gained from Daniel's career in physics to help manipulate these situations. But why is she doing everything she is doing in both timelines?

Eloise Hawking does not want the Lostverse timeline to come about or to exist, because she does not want to have murdered her own son in that timeline. In the Lostverse timeline she was doing all she could to erase that timeline. In the altverse timeline, she is doing what she can to perserve that timeline, and seems to have memories of both. Essentially, she is the one who created the altverse timeline.

Some have theorized that the altverse Charles Widmore is also trying to keep Desmond in the dark and away from Penny. I would disagree. I think that he is just doing what Eloise wants. He's trying to keep her happy and off his back.

Considering that most of the Losties and Others are happier and better off in the altverse timeline, perhaps she's right. Two Losties seem to be faring worse - Sun and Jin. Two seem nearly unchanged from their previous status - Kate and Sayid. The rest have much better lives, but according to Daniel, it isn't the right life they are living. However, as the Lostverse seems to be intersecting with the altverse, perhaps things will be "happily ever after" even in the altverse.

One final note about the altverse - There seems to be no indication of the rampant evil that is supposed to exist if MIB gets off the island. Everyone does not cease to exist. This may mean that he is somehow killed or permanently trapped when the island sinks (in altverse) or that this belief of Jacob's simply wasn't true at all. After all, we don't know who set Jacob up as the island's protector and whether it needs protection at all. It may all be a game (and a con game at that) from the beginning.

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