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First let's pull together some facts (and perhaps partial speculation) from the last few episodes we've seen.

1) Widmore has come back to the Island, complete with his science commando team, seemingly with some specific task he plans to carry out. He told Jin that this was to make sure smokey doesn't get off the Island.

2) Zoe, resident geophysicist, had a DI map of electromagnetism pockets on the Island. Unless it was just a ruse, they risked a MIB fight just to get Jin so he could help them with the map.

3) When questioned by Jin as to how he planned to stop smokey, Widmore replied that it was time to show him the 'package' aka Desmond.

4) Widmore also said to Jin that the solenoid test was to make sure that Desmond could survive another 'catastrophic electromagnetic event'.

5) After the test Widmore seemed confused when Desmond was suddenly willing to help.

Now for the speculations and theories. I'd say it seems pretty clear that Widmore is planning to send Des into one of the electromagnetic (EM) energy pockets. As far as he's indicated on the Island, he has no idea of Des' time or universe hopping ability and only seemed interested in his hardy EM resistance.

Now how could venturing into EM pockets stop smokey from getting off the Island? Well I propose that Widmore is going right for the checkmate and plans to destroy smokey entirely. The Lost lore has established the existence of some sort of 'spirit' or 'consciousness' that exists after people die, with Miles being able to catch some of it around the remains and Hurley actually being able to see and talk with dead people.

What if long ago the MIB was involved in some incident that ended with him dieing in one of the Island's EM energy pockets, causing his 'consciousness' to be torn apart and become integrated with with energy itself. In this way, by finding the correct EM pocket and getting Des to walk in and wipe it out (Be that failsafe style, detonating a nuke, pushing particles into anti-particles or even just dragging the MIB's actual remains out of there) they could effectively destroy the heart of smokey/the MIB, stopping him for good.

As for how this could tie into the ALT, use the other important characters or resolve much else, I've no idea. I just like the idea of smokey having a heart/brain inside one of the EM pockets.

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