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When we saw the sunken island in the beginning, many assumed that the island sank when the bomb exploded. But if the bomb had sunk the island, many things would never have transpired that we know took place.

For example, after the birth of Ethan in the late 1970s, the women at Dharma had difficulty conceiving children. If this had been caused by the bomb being buried as once speculated, then Ethan would not have been born. I believe they could not conceive because the bomb exploded, and the island did not sink. Instead, the air was filled with radiation. Perhaps, they used the hatches as fallout shelters for awhile, which was why they wore the special suits and took the injections--and why one hatch contained a bible with a glass eye. Could it have been Mikhail's eyepatch when they were using the hatches as a fallout shelter?

And how did Widmore get the Dharma maps signed by Jinn if the island was destroyed? Widmore was still living with the "Others" at the time the bomb went off. How would Daniel ever have been born?

While I agree that the explosion created a different reality, I think the current one continued as it always had. Everything that was supposed to happen (the Losties crashing, the time travel, etc) did happen. The painting Ben had of a lost love that looked just like Juliet? It was a painting of Juliet, a woman he was admired because she saved his life. He then sought her out. And we saw the 1977 picture of the time-leaping Losties in the present--because in the timeline of the Dharma people living in the 1970s, that *always* happened.

After the explosion, Eloise did leave the island, give birth to Daniel, and ensure that he would make the same decision he always made that would lead to that bomb going off. Why? Because somehow she knew it would create this other world in which she does not kill her own son and instead indulges him.

But we saw the island sink. What happened? I think we see what WILL happen to the island, not what has happened.

Widmore sought out Jinn's map with the location of all the electromagnetic energy. He wants Jinn to show him where those are. Why? He wants to release it, causing large explosions that will cause the island to sink. And Desmond's role? We know the black smoke monster has something to do with electromagnetic energy. I speculate that Desmond is the only one who can survive the electromagnetic explosions that Widmore wants to trigger. Desmond will somehow have to stand between the monster and his way out--whatever that may be. The donkey wheel perhaps?

Then, the island will sink, and the smoke monster will be immersed in the water, producing a last cataclysimic burst of energy, like dropping a hairdryer in the bathtub.

I also wonder if Eloise Hawking did not tell Desmond he was not ready to meet Penny yet because she was worried if he did, he would go the way of Charlie and become careless about his life on the island, hoping to die so that he might get back to the "new" reality and Penny. He cannot die until he has completed this mission.

I think everyone on the island will have to die to leave the island. The other reality will become their only reality, which I believe is what happened to Juliet when she died and why she said it worked.

As for the skeletons in the cave, I've believed for awhile that they are the skeletons of the humans who were once Jacob and the Man in Black, because of the black rock and the white rock that we have seen more than once. It would not be unusual for ancient people to lay their dead to rest in a cave.

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