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So we’re all scratching our heads to figure out exactly how Desmond fits in. Trying to figure out how it all fits together actually. I’m not sure though that with Lost being what it is we’ll be given comprehensive answers to everything, even the final resolution (whatever that may be). In the end too much will be left open to interpretation. Desmond’s role though I think will be conclusive.

I’m thinking that by now we already have been given many of the substantive clues to point us in the right direction. It’s just a matter of putting them together. For some time now Lost has just felt like it’s heading full circle, that everything is coming back together in order to provide (some semblance) of closure. That we’re heading back to Lost’s origins – the beach, the hatch, Jack vs. Locke (with Sawyer dancing to his own tune), etc.

But first, Desmond. Wasn’t that an interestingly long look that Desmond gave at the ship picture on Widmore’s wall? A look of recognition of some alternative past perhaps? Maybe. What about a foreshadowing of a future trajectory, both one that has not yet happened and has happened already, simultaneously? Bare with me here. I’ll admit that I haven’t quite figured out how to formulate this idea. In fact it’s giving me quite the headache, which is why I’m sharing.

I’m not the only one thinking along these lines (See recent theory posts:
I think my idea adds a little twist to these theories though, and then a whole load of extra add-ons.

What if Desmond’s future in the ALT is his island past in the original timeline? That is, what if the Desmond that we were first introduced to on the island actually is the same Desmond that we’re seeing in ALT, just further in the future with different memories (themselves brought one by properties of the island)? Here’s how I could see this idea playing out:

We already know that Desmond has the ability to traverse timelines. Amongst other things, his time in the bar experiencing a different result to a game shows that. But which was the 815 past and which was that of the ALT? Maybe that depends on your
(or Desmond’s) perspective?

What if in the ALT, in order to avoid further contact between Desmond and Penny (because that would mean Desmond does not fulfill his destiny) Widmore/Hawkins have Desmond compete in the around the world race (hopefully future scenes would then show us Henry Gale embarking on his round the world journey too!)? Desmond crashes on the island, thus connecting the ALT with the 815 timeline.

Something (not sure what here, possibly island related, maybe the first failure to press the button that crashed the plane?) shifts Desmond to the 815 timeline, changing Desmond’s memories of the past from his in the ALT, to that of the 815 timeline. And then the ‘ALT Desmond’ becomes the Desmond that we first met way back in season 2, seamlessly connecting to the 2 timelines. Well, not seamlessly. Clearly there’s lots of questions/issues to work out here but the main thing is that different timelines converge around Desmond, that is it the ALT Desmond that we first met and he that brings thing together. Doesn’t that thought blow your mind?

[An alternative/complementary idea that sprung to mind was along similar lines, with Desmond still traveling from the ALT to the island via the race, thus connecting the two timelines. A twist though could be that in the ALT, time’s arrow flows in the opposite direction; the ALT’s future is the original 815 timeline’s past. That would explain how when they flew over the island it was underwater (‘cos Ben sunk it turning the wheel). But further in the ALT future (so back in the past of the 815 timeline) the island is not underwater, thus enabling Desmond to crash his boat there. Then the two timelines converge. Still working through the possibilities of this idea here!].

So how does Desmond fit in to the remaining episodes? I’ll admit, I’m not exactly sure. His role, I’m sure however, will be conclusive and will bring things back full circle. How this circle is to be closed has been foreshadowed by quite a number of hints and clues:

Desmond has already told us that Claire leaves the island by helicopter. I think this clue is huge and should not be forgotten. That clue suggests that Widmore’s freighter and the helicopter rescue by Frank is likely to be repeated. I’m hedging my bets and guessing that Widmore also have a freighter outside of the island, waiting to bring people off the island once the war that is coming to the island has resolved itself?

What about the hatch/Swan? Given Zoe’s search for electromagnetism, doesn’t it seem likely that they are trying to find their way back to the location of the hatch (something Widmore did not know in his pre-Dharma times. Hey, come to think of it, where did they get those Dharma maps in the first place?)? So it would seem that the hatch, coupled with Desmond is also part of the end game. Back to where we started.

Taking the idea of heading full circle further, we began with an opposition between Jack and Locke, man of science, man of faith. That would mean that if the full circle idea were to play out that the final showdown is between these two, Jack and Locke. Or THE Candidate, Jack, and the MIB, as embodied by John. That’s my call – Jack is the Candidate. Aside from John he’s had the most invested in the island throughout and his journey seems almost complete. He believes in the island, he believes in doing the right thing, just as Jacob would want him too. If I’m right perhaps the Losties all leave on Widmore’s freighter leaving Flocke and Jack (the new Jacob) to continue ‘the game’ (maybe even ending the show with a close up of Jack’s eye?).

Speaking of Jacob, where did Jacob and the MIB come from in the first place? No doubt this question will be answered shortly. Surely their powers are linked to the electromagnetism. Flocke himself said that he was once just a man. Well we know the island moves. I know I’m not the first to put forward this idea (my apologies, I couldn’t find links to credit you, though I was thinking these same thoughts independently), but all the links with North Africa (Tunisian polar bears, Ben in the desert, and of course all the Egyptian mythology on the island) suggest that the island was indeed originally in the Mediterranean, close to Egypt and that a connection remains. Could Jacob/the MIB (so obviously brothers) have been on this island when the Egyptians, digging just a bit too deep for rocks to build statues, hit a pocket of electromagnetism? The outfall? The island shifts, only Jacob/the MIB are left, and like Desmond, Jacob and the MIB absorb special powers? Maybe pushing th! ings here I know.

And lastly, could this Desmond be Desmond Wallace? Widmore refers to him as Hume, but perhaps the future Oceanic 6 timeline that Desmond escaped to differs from Desmond’s own past timeline (as remembered by Desmond)? Perhaps here Desmond has an alternative surname (Wallace being a very Scottish surname), just as Daniel did in the ALT (being a Widmore rather than a Faraday).

I know I know, there’s a lot in here. And a lot of gaps still to be filled in. Please though, let me know your thoughts. Most importantly, could there be some time looping effect that brings the ALT Desmond into the original 815 timeline? Is that how the two connect? And what about the time’s arrow idea? That the ALT runs in a different direction? Has anyone else put forward that idea before and what do you think of it as a possibility? Thanks for reading and I welcome your thoughts.

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