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Why the FST is 2004 when the OT is 2007 by Rosti

When Desmond is travelling between realities he is going from 2007 in the OT to 2004 in the FST. And besides that there are many instances when the FST parallels or junxtaposition the OT. Why do they occur the same time?

Well first of all we have to look at what was the reason behind the timeline-split. It is pretty much confirmed by now that Jughead caused it, but it doesn't explain the timeline discrepancy.

It can be random or maybe following the detonation of Jughead the FST timeline reseted to 1974, the date when the Losties arrived from the future.

Yes they arrived earlier in 1954, too, but it was a timeflash, the donkey-wheel was skipping, they were displaced in time. But in 1974 time was flowing regulary so it had to "rewind" to the point where it was "clean" from future interferences and then "play" from there.
On the other hand it's possible that every instance of time travel causes a disparency and the time of those flashes were also subtracted from the OT, but it's just a couple of days.

Both of these variations beg the question of how Ethan can exists in the FST timeline, because without Sawyer and Juliet he would have died in childbirth and maybe he wouldn't even born, because the Hostiles would have killed her mother. The latter we have no evidence only assume. The former is too an asumption, because in the FST timeline Ethan may have arrived on time and not two weeks early.
There is also evidence to support the timeline split in 1974 theory. Jack's birthday is in 1966 (according to his passport) meaning when he collapsed around the age of seven or eight, because of his appendix it happened in 1974. Why did he collapse? Because the appendix-less Jack cased to exist and for some reason the Universe course-corrected itself.

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