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The Alt explained by Mark

Ok this is perhaps more of an observation or reassurance than a theory but thought it was worth mentioning. Apologies if this has already been covered.

Before I start here is the jist of what Darlton has said about the Alt: “One isn’t a fake reality, both realities are real”. “Its NOT an alt in the sense that you can necessarily have one or the other”

Also I would like to remind you of the concern many fans have had about our connection to these “new” alt Losties and how we can be invested in their stories when they aren’t the people we have grow attached to over the last 5 seasons.

I will try to explain/cover all of the above points in this theory.

I’ve recently been reading Stephen Kings Dark Tower series and am currently on book 3. I won’t give anything too spoilery away but have found one of the recent parallels to LOST too good not to share. It refers to the Alt timeline and might help explain away some peoples fears regarding it and also explain some of Darlton’s comments (above) regarding it.

So anyway in the books the hero, aka the Gunslinger, meets a boy, Jake, on his travels at a way station. The boy is from our world and found himself in this new world after being pushed in front of a car and killed. He accompanies the Gunslinger in his pursuit of the Man In Black (I won’t bang on about that parallel as others have already covered it) before eventually dying again in this new world.

In the following book the Gunslinger has to go through “portals” which lead him into the minds of special individuals in our/Jakes world and at various times in history. When he passes through, he has the ability to take control of that individuals body – similar to MIB in a way although the host is still alive and aware of this new presence. Now, one of these individuals is known as “the pusher” and he is the one who pushed Jake in front of the car thus causing him to die and in turn appear in the Gunslingers world.

So guess what day in time the Gunslinger takes control! That’s right, the day he pushes Jake. As you’d expect the Gunslinger prevents this from happening and in a similar way to our LOSTies detonating Jug Head he consequently changes a fundamental incident in his past. Jake not dying means he never turned up in the Gunslingers world thus they never met. But they DID meet and this is were I think it possibly explains or at least gives us an idea of what is going on with the Alt reality.

The Gunslinger now has two sets of conflicting memories. He remembers meeting Jake at the way station and his whole Journey with Jake in toe but he also now remembers NOT meeting Jake. Both of these memories/realities are real (as Darlton has said about the Alt) yet at the same time they are in direct confliction. Likewise, when we later rejoin Jakes story he now has two memories. He remembers dying and meeting The Gunslinger but he also remembers not dying. As you can imagine this is pretty traumatic for him and he is starting to question his sanity. This sort of makes me think of the whole idea of Constants and the Losties minds not being able to deal with conflicting memories/happenings, thus needing a Constant that is present in BOTH times/realities in order to anchor the mind.

So, to the crux of my theory. I believe that BOTH realities are real and they BOTH happened. I think that the detonation of jug head in the 70s contributed to the sinking of the island and therefore changed everything from that point on. For our Losties everything that happened still happened. They still crashed on the island and they still went through everything that we have seen them go through but at the same time, because of their actions in the past, they also DIDN’T crash on the island!

What we are seeing now in the alt with Charlie, Desmond and Daniel is them gradually remembering their “other” lives and this is only just being triggered now by them meeting those people that they shared that other life with. I believe that with Desmond’s help they will all start to remember and like Jake and the Gunslinger will eventually have full memories of both “timelines”. So for those of you that are worried that these alt losties aren’t the losties we’ve grown to love you will soon see that the are, they just don’t remember it yet!

Anyway that is what I believe is going on with the Alt at the moment and what we will see develop over the next few episodes. As for the end game I am unsure but Widmore’s comment last week and the wording of it - “If he (MIB) gets off this island everyone you know and love will CEASE TO EXIST” - implies to me that MIBs end game will bring about the end of at least the island reality if not both. Whether that would be a good or bad thing remains debatable but is it possible that he is aware of this other “reality” and knows that if everything ends in the island reality everyone will live out their lives in the Alt thus meaning he is telling the truth when he says he can reunite people with lost loved ones?

One final crackpot theory – what if some how MIB is Jacob from the alt. Only one of them can exist in a natural form while in the same reality which is why MIB is the smoke monster and why he told Richard “He stole my body and my humanity”. Could also be why he couldn’t kill Jacob/himself. Home to MIB might be the Alt timeline. One hole in this idea is that if as I said above the alt was created in the 70s by jughead it wouldn’t have been around back in Jacob/MIBs time. I guess it could be possible that the Alt was created way back in Jacobs/MIBs time by Jacob and Jug Head had nothing to do with it.

Right I’ve waffled enough! I hope you’ve enjoyed my ideas. Feel free to comment :-)

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