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A Couple of Different Thoughts by MHKM

As usual, sorry to anyone that may have mentioned these things before. Not claiming this to be ground breaking, not even that it isn't somewhat straightforward and obvious...

After re-watching "Happily Ever After" and reading some recaps it seems to me Widmore and Eloise could be the perpetrators behind, or at least involved in keeping the wool pulled over the Losties eyes in the Alt universe. Doesn't Widmore seem way to comforting to Desmond, singing his praise and all that. And Eloise makes it more obvious that she knows something about the Alt's illegitimacy. Now coupling their behaviors with the fact that they both seemingly have everything they wanted in this world it would seem they very well could be managing the Alt world to get their desired outcomes.

By having everything they want, I mean Eloise has Faraday back (Let him be a musician to keep him content), Charles is married to Eloise still, has good relations with Penny, his son is not dead, still has the power and the money...All seems very well for them both.

Another thought, completely unrelated, what if everyone that was in the vicinity of Jughead now possess abilities the same as Desmond's. What if Jughead acted as the same cataclysmic EM event that turning the failsafe key did and in effect unglued the rest of our Losties consciousness. Maybe not to the extent of Desmond or maybe they just haven't been pushed to realize it yet by some stressful event but this is what will allow Desmond to show the rest of the Losties a glimpse of the sideways world.

One might say why Desmond then and not someone else and I would simply counter that Desmond has been aware of this power longer, maybe able to control it better and Widmore says "He is the only person I KNOW OF who has survived a cataclysmic EM event".

Mostly just some food for thought...

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