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Who pairs up with who by loststar121

After happily ever after it is clear who ultimately ends up with who.

As love is they key to help the losties reconnect the timeline, it is obvious why Sawyer and Juliet were paired up last season: so Sawyer now has experienced love and will be able to merge together his timelines.

This is why I think that Kate and Jack will end up toether. Remember that look they shared when Kate was in the taxi at the airport, this is because of their ultimate love for each other. I therefore think that they will end up together at the end of the show.
I also believe that the timelines will simply merge, with the losties remembering the events which happended on the island in the alt timeline and reuniting with their loved ones rather than simply 'destroying' a timeline.
I think that the pairings are:
Jack and Kate
Sawyer and Juliet
Desmond and Penny
Hurley and Libby
Claire and Charlie
Sayid and Nadia (although i am unsure why he has not remembered yet as he has had contact with Nadia in the alt, maybe his true love is Shannon???).
Ben and Alex??
Daniel and Charlotte

I think any characters who do not have a 'true' love may not be able to connect the timelines together and in the end will die.

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