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I thought once that maybe MIB made everyone’s dreams come true. Perhaps that is not the case.

What if.... and this is a big what if...
Mrs Hawking/Widmore created this other time line somehow?

In the original time line she had to shoot her son, something I'm sure no parent would want to do.
So, with a ball of yarn and a home chemistry kit she created the alti-verse.
Dan is a live and happy, living his dream by playing Chopin like he should have done all along instead of being stuck in a physics book all day and all night.
He's happy.
She's happy coz she didn't have to kill him.
Everyone's happy. (And I mean everyone)
There's one thing that could bring this happy world crashing down.
Mrs H/W was pretty annoyed and shocked at seeing Desmond at first but she doesn’t say anything. He doesn't say the 'P' word so she thinks that Des doesn't remember anything about the island.
Until he DOES mention the 'P' word and Mrs H/W chucks a tanty!
She has created this perfect world where everyone gets their heart's desire but Desmond isn't happy with it.

Mrs W/H tries to persuade Des out of looking for Penny saying that he's got everything he ever wanted including Mr W's respect.
She says to him, 'I don't know why you're looking for anything, you have the perfect life.'
But that's not good enough.
Des had a glimpse into the other-verse and saw what his heart really truly desires and he's not gonna stop until he gets it.

He's going to try and recruit the other 815'ers now to somehow take them back to the other-verse. Are they going to want to help out?
Hell to the no!!
They've pretty much got everything they wanted.
Jack had a good relationship with his Dad and now has a son of his own.
Claire gets to keep Aaron.
Kate doesn’t have to take Aaron.
John has Helen.
Sayid has Nadia... well she’s alive at least.
Hurley is Mr Lucky.
Sawyer is the good guy and gets to work with his buddy Miles.

Who the hell is Des to take their perfect lives away from them?

Not sure how Charlie and Dan ultimately fit into the equation, perhaps they are the variables because they died on the island? Maybe Charlie will want to help Desmond out so he can get back to Claire, even for a brief moment before he dies (again).

Mrs W/H has got herself an army.
An army of wishful thinkers.
And there's a war coming!

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