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We previously saw that Penny was Desmond's constant.. the theme of love was prevalent in tonight's Desmond centric episode, with the power of love going beyond what's in your line of sight, a force that is REAL.. both Charlie and Daniel saw the women they loved, bringing back "memories" of their other life.. Desmond's plan is to bring together everyone from the plane and show them how to connect with their constant, to bring their island memories back, and to essential merge to two timelines..

Charlie saw Claire when he was on the plane, the woman he loved and his CONSTANT! That triggered memories from the island, in which he saw Claire.. as he said, it's like he had always been with her. This would explain Charlies "I was supposed to die" comment to Jack, and his reason to drive the car into the lake. So can argue that Charlie was trying to kill himself so he can get back that feeling, that image he saw of Claire when he nearly died, but I believe it was truly because he wanted to trigger memories in Desmond. He essentially recreated the drowning where he warned Desmond that it wasn't Penny's boat to remind Desmond of his constant. I believe Charlie does this because he knows that his love, Claire, survives because the island is sunk, thus knowing Desmond's importance. He's pushing him in the right direction

Daniel's memories where triggered when he saw the love of his life, Charlotte. Knowing that whatever happened on the island allowed her to live, he also understand Desmond's important, thus setting up the encounter between Desmond and Penny. He also wanted Desmond to meet his constant, and realize that whatever he needs to do on the island is essential in creating this new reality.

Jack said in the last episode that "no one told it, it was supposed to die" in referring to the tomato. I believe Desmond will inform everyone on the island that they must sacrifice their lives, they must die, in order to create their alternative lives. By destroying the island, they will kill MIB, and prevent the catastrophic release of electromagnetism, saving the world. Desmond's mission in the alt is to round everyone up, help them connect with their constants, and by doing so have their on island selves be able to see what their lives could be if they sacrifice their lives. Jack will have a son, Claire will have Aaron, Jin and Sun will still have Je Yeon, Sayid won't have Nadia, but she will be alive.

Long story short.. Desmond will help the remaining Losties connect both realities through their constants, and that will help the on island Losties make the decision to sacrifice the island, and destroy the island.

There is no replacement for Jacob.. while Jack is the candidate to replace him, he never does. The reason there are candidates is because no one is willing to make the ULTIMATE sacrifice, as they all have desires and is not willing to die for the greater good.. that's why there is a candidate to keep watch of MIB.. Jack, is the candidate, but isn't, as he and the rest of the Losties make the ultimate sacrifice.. Desmond is the reason this time is different, because he can show them what their lives could be.. there is only one end, and this is it.

Sorry if things aren't worded the best, but hopefully I got my point across!

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