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My thoughts:

Polar opposites are all extremes of vibration. Each part has its counterpart. Ying/Yang, Good/Evil, Faith/Science, Love/Hate, Life/Death. If enlightment is attained when trascending dual perception, could the show be a metaphor of the evolution of consciousness and the island symbolize the intangible part of life, the inner workd and battle, and the conflict between fate and free will which also needs to be trascended.

I feel ultimately all characters and story lines are facets of one. Even Jacob and MIB are two sides of the one coin, like Locke and Jack. The original time line (unhappiness, pain) leads to the island (introspection) where souls are called to look for answers, and isolation from "outer world" gives the possibility to search for answers, develop consciousness/awareness and create new time lines, which in the end turn out to be only a reflection of what happens on the island and a representation of the inner world. All outer realities just play out, they are a reflection of the consciousness processes going on in the island/inner world.

Neither original time line or FS are final realities, but "plays" or reflections, based on the ultimate reality, consciousness/the island and their status. Consciousness is a creating tool. Those who are unaware are not in charge of their "plays" and are puppets of circumnstances. The energy/isolation and meeting in the island of the different facets, creates the possibility to become aware.

Some dead characters, unable to move on, paralized by guilt, cannot access new realities (FS) while their energy is focused on the past, therefore unable to live new lives. Stuck on their inner conflicts, they have not been able to transcend (one way to see purgatory).

Love, or "consciousness altering love" as Charlie describes it, which flows automatically between two poles of one unit (constants/twin souls), is a powerful catalyst to remember that the ultimate reality, is beyond the apparent world either in the original timeline or the FS. Since in the dualistic world, in material creation/perception all units contain two extreme poles, the reunion/contact of the corresponding poles awakens the rememberance of the "one" consciousness reality where neither space nor time exist. Space and time are movements of consciousness.

Twin souls connection/meetings, which are not, as literature, many times leads us to believe, for "earthly" romantic purposes or "happily ever afters", because of the type of unusual and weird experiences they bring, are a powerful catalyst to connect with other dimensions and question the known and accepted reality, to break the mirror. I "felt" it. Just as the "shock" experiences, which for one instant, blur the distractions of the outside world and appearances (accident, unexpected shock, being under water), and give an opportunity to reconnect with the inner world consciousness (island rememberance).

Desmond knows (enlightened). He has no fear. Knows that ultimately all stories are just a play of consciousness. No good or bad. He is not identified with one Desmond or body anymore.

Widmore and wife know about the well of energy/consciousness the island is and the creative quality of conscious energy. But with the difference they have tapped into the knowledge, energy of creation (focus of consciousness), manipulating it as individual units, for personal benefit. Not looking for answers, but power, as possibly reflected in FS and Flocke says. I think their error is to try to manipulate "energy" for their personal benefit, rather than the "whole", not respecting the other "units" free will, which makes the FS a little off or wrong. Desmond is a menace because of his potential connection to Penny and subsequent "enlightenment".

My feeling is Desmond has trascended personal benefit. He flows with the energy. He is not manipulative. He knows him and his polar opposite (Penny) will always be connected in one way or other, since they are two parts of one and the same unit. He does not judge any more one side or the other, he has trascended that. Watch him tied to the tree, sitting as a Buddha. Whatever happens, is only a dream. The only reality is the energy he shares with Penny, and the play of the one, recreating the eternal conflict of duality over and over again, for the progress of consciousness, to become finally aware. He knows if he can make the others aware, game is over. All polar opposites will be one. Life will go on. Different timelines, but with awareness. Characters able to reconcile opposites through awareness will be freed.

To me the whole show/characters look symbolic language for the evolution of consciousness and trascendence of duality. Science parts fit also nicely.

Just my feelings. Thanks for reading and your patience :)

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