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When Michael “explained” the Whispers, I was among the underwhelmed. But there is more to come.

So those who “can’t move on” -- perhaps “because of what [they] did” – are Whisperers. If this is unsatisfying, it is only because we don’t yet know how the Island can be a haven for certain animated dead in the first place, let alone why one might not (or might) move on from it.

But the writers aren’t done with us yet. Did we not hold on through the slough of despond that was Season 3, when the questions-to-answers ratio seemed forever insurmountable? We are still here, and much happier now, aren’t we? The larger question – the metaphysical status of the Island – will be answered. The Whispers merely play into that mystery, whose dissipation will fully explain them and more.

My own guess? The ancient Egyptian scheme is just one more red herring in Lost’s vast school. If there is a single coherent spiritual, metaphysical, or eschatological foundation to this story, it is Tibetan, not Egyptian. “Dharma” is a clue. The Island is a bardo.

Lost is the coolest show in the history of television. Trust the Creators to take care of us. Let the Whispers go, sit back, and wait.

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