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Well, here is the beginning of the best show ever made in my opinion. I never get tired of watching the pilot and I feel like the more we know the more we can find and notice in the pilot but also the more we know the more questions too!

The show starts with us seeing Jacks eye and I know I am wondering if his eye is the same we see in very very short teaser we see for season 6. Here is the promo with the image of the eye. (Now we know it was Kate's eye)

Every time I see Jack's eye in the pilot I wonder if I can see a reflection of some sort but I look and look and can't figure out what I see.

The next thing we know we see Jack and he hears a noise and here comes Vincent. During the hiatus between season 3 and 4 there was a series of mobisodes to fill in some missing pieces. The last one shows us what happened right before Vincent comes upon Jack and here it is.

There are a lot questions surrounding why Jack is in the Jungle and not nearer to the crash. Was he placed there or disappear out of thin air from the plane before it crashed like he did from Ajira flight 316? Why did his glass bottle of vodka not break?

Jack gets up and heads right to the beach even though he didn't hear sounds of the chaos going on at the crash site until he gets much closer to it. It has also been noticed that his approach to beach was filmed from the right and left adding to the questions of two time lines. Is one approach what happens after the hydrogen bomb from season 5 is detonated if in fact it does detonate?

In a short amount of time we see most if not all of our major characters. We hear Shannon screaming, Jin looking for Sun, Claire yelling for help and Locke. Who or what healed Locke? Was it the Island, does simply being on the island heal you? I don't think so as if that were the case nothing bad physically would happen to anyone. In light of season 5 I believe it was Jacob.

Jack helps Claire and asks Hurley to watch her and keep track of how far apart her contractions are. As he does this he hands him his watch. In another missing pieces mobisode we learn more about that watch.

Then there is Kate and Jack asks her to sew him up. She doesn't think she can but she is more than willing to do it and try anyway. Do they seem more familiar than strangers?

We come upon Sawyer and we can see right away that he is bad boy and probably someone that is very hard to like. He has changed so much.

Kate is working on Jack and she doesn't understand how he is not afraid. Jack tells her the famous counting to five story. From his description of this event it seems like it was a very positive experience in his life, that it changed him for the better and taught him how to face his fears. We see a very different perception of this event in the season 5 finale. Jack's Dad is actually the one who advised him to do this and Jack sees it as a "time out" and is embarrassed.

Soon we see Charlie and he is introducing one of the biggest ideas of the show as he writes FATE on the tape on his hands.

We see Jack explaining to Kate things that only someone who knows about aviation would know, and he tells her that he took a couple flying lessons. Why did he take flying lessons?

We hear the monster and if we listen closely we can hear the sounds it makes and continues to make through out the series. Are any of the sounds more familiar after we have seen the Season 5 finale. I know this is pretty far fetched but I almost feel like some of the sounds sound like what goes on at the swan site as things are ripped apart and pulled into the hole.

Here we have the first flashback and it is Jack on the plane. He gets two extra bottle of vodka from flight attendant Cindy, he sees Charlie rush to the bathroom and he tries to comfort Rose about the turbulence and then all hell brakes loose.

The monster is heard again and Rose states that it sounds familiar to her and that she is from the Bronx. What could this mean? Through out the series we have seen the monster "scan" people and maybe he takes memories also and uses them as his sounds, just an idea.

Next we have our first indication that Locke is a little different as he stares at Kate and gives her an orange peel smile.

Jack, Kate and Charlie start out on a trek to find the front of the plane. As Kate and Charlie walk Kate wonders if and asks Charlie if they have met before. Have they? Or is as simple as Kate hearing his music before?

All of a sudden it is dark and raining which seems to happen a lot on the island. As people cover from the rain Locke seems right at home as he puts his arms out to feel the rain.

Jack and Kate find the pilot. Was the pilot just unconscious or was he possible dead as we have seen other characters. Charlie goes into the bathroom to find his heroine and the pilot finds the transceiver. Then the monster comes and if we look carefully we can see a dark shadow pass over the window. The pilot tries to climb out and the monster takes him. Why did he kill the pilot? Was it possibly because he was not the pilot who was supposed to fly the plane in the first place?

Jack, Kate and Charlie run as fast as they can. I loved the scene where Kate is hiding in the tree. So much realistic fear showed in her face and voice as she cried and counted to 5 and as Jack did she was able to overcome her fear.

Charlie comes upon Kate and she demands to know where Jack is. Charlie doesn't know but he states that they were both dead, that he was dead. Did he mean they were dead meat or that they were really dead and brought back?

What happened to Jack when Charlie and Kate didn't know where he was. Was he dead? Did Jacob save him?

Part two continues with Kate and Charlie coming back from their traumatic trek. Kate asks Charlie why he was in the bathroom and he tells her that he was getting sick and that this is his one tangible contribution to their trip and that he is a coward. I'm sure he feels like a coward in more than just one way as he still needs his heroine.

Next we have a Charlie flashback and we get to see the plane going down from his perspective. It has been noted that Cindy's phrasing telling people to buckle up because the light has been turned on is slightly different in Kate's, Jack's and Charlies flashbacks. Is this simply a nitpick, or an indication of multiple time lines?

Now we see Shannon sunbathing as everyone else is working to find and sort things that they need. We can see right away that Boone and Shannon have issues with each other and they aren't the kind of issues that a brother and sister should have. Claire picks up on this asks Shannon if they are boy and girlfriend. Shannon states that Boone is her brother.

Next we see another couple that has major issues. Jin and Sun. We can tell from these first two episodes that Jin is not your ideal husband and that he is very controlling and difficult to deal with.

Micheal tries to ask Jin and Sun if they have seen his Son but to our knowledge Jin and Sun do not speak English although we found out later that Jin is a such a controlling husband that Sun would go to great lengths to plan a get away and learn English in the process.

Micheal finds Walt in the jungle while he is searching for Vincent and yet again we see another couple of people that have major issues. We can see that Micheal is very disturbed to find handcuffs and is scared for his son's safety.

As Micheal and Walt walk back to the beach they come upon Sawyer and Sayid fighting. Sawyer has accused Sayid of being responsible for the crash and has stereotyped him based on his physical features. Kate is able to stop the fight all the while knowing she is the one the marshall was bringing back.

Soon another trek is planned to see if Sayid can get reception on the transceiver they brought back from the cockpit. Jack wants to go and is scared for Kate's safety. They both know what is in that jungle. However Kate states how does he know they are safer on the beach than in the jungle?

We see Jin and Sun again and right now the more we see of Jin the more we dislike him. Jin and Sun both go to all the trouble to prepare the fish yet he smacks Sun's hand when she wants a piece for herself.

Right before a group of losties leave for their second trek we see Sawyer yet again looking like the mysterious bad guy and we get the first look at the letter. In the season five finale we get to see when he started the letter and see Jacob hand him a pen when he runs out of ink. I wish I could see if the earlier letter looked the same but I don't think they showed us a close up of the letter till the season 5 finale.

We see the group heading up to higher ground to see if they can get reception. As you watch them leaving you can see the way the light "scatters" as we see it in the second episode of season 4 when Daniel mentions that light doesn't scatter right on the island. Was there time travel going on even in the first season?

I believe one of the most important scenes in the whole series happens in the Pilot where we see Locke playing backgammon. Walt comes up to him and asks him if it is like checkers. Locke goes on to tell him that it is the oldest game in the world, that it is over 5000 years old, older than Christ. He tells Walt that it consists of two sides, one light, one dark.

I believe in the end that this is what the show will come down too, two sides. Good vs. Evil.

Soon, we have another very strange thing that goes on on this island. Polar bears. I wonder what I first thought when I first saw a polar bear on a tropical island. It certainly wasn't the actual explanation and that is why I love Lost!

Kate wants to know how Sawyer got a gun to kill the polar bear and he says he got it off the Marshall. Sayid tells Sawyer that he is the prisoner. Sawyer, says, fine we can all play a part. This statement reminds me of a youtube video of a promo that wasn't played in the US but I think gives us a lot insight into the show. I love this video, here it is below.

Kate then decides that she wants to take the gun apart and pretends she doesn't know how. We learn in a later episode that she's told this lie before in Whatever The Case May Be.

Sawyer says to Kate, " I know your type", and "I've been with girls like you". Kate then says, "not girls exactly like me". This statement has always struck and I think it may be another instance of showing the characters have been through something like this before.

We have another flashbacks and it is Kate's. Do Kate and the Marshall seem more intimate that what they should be?

We have Losties on higher ground and they finally have bars on the transceiver. They soon hear a female voice speaking in french. Everyone is so happy but it is short lived when they get Shannon to relunctantly interpret what the french chick is saying.

She says,

Please help me, please come get me.
I'm alone now, on the island alone.
Please someone come.
The others are dead.
It killed them, it killed them all.

Sayid soon figures out that is repeating over and over, on a loop.

Charlie then asks the most important question for season 1. "Where are we?"

After reading what I wrote a while back I wonder if something happens to Frank if Jack could fly the plane home, I had forgotten about him taking flying lessons!

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