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Balance of Power by Bone

I made the observation the other day that those that are hanging with Flocke seem to be leaning toward evil in the ALT. I pointed out Sayid, Sawyer, and Kate are all having issues in the ALT and are hanging with Flocke. As of last night, we now see that Jin's little stay with Flocke has him now killing in the ALT, though self defense. Maybe he will be in the clear now that he's no longer with Flocke.

I now cannot help but to think about the scales in the cave and Flocke mentioning he needs 3 more to get off the island. I'm now thinking it's a majority thing. Jacob had the majority of people being good and therefore had the power to leave the island and did so to influence people off the island. If Flocke gets 3 more people with him, then he will then have the majority and will be able to leave the island and influence people with evil. He can touch them like Jacob did and make them evil. Jacob will then be trapped on the island by MIB as MIB has been trapped by Jacob all of these years. As the scales turn, Jacob will not be able to leave the island, but can only influence people that MIB brings to the island in order to try to bring the scales back in his favor.

How does it end? I have no idea. If the island on the bottom of the ocean signifies what it is like after it's ended, then perhaps it ends by one side getting all the people as followers, either all follow Jacob or all follow MIB. Once the scales tip all the way, it's over. I'm totally making this paragraph up, so bear with me. Then perhaps the ALT is what it's like if evil wins and escapes the island. The island is on the bottom of the ocean and the people in the ALT will start turning bad. Perhaps Sun will kill her father next and all will go to hell because evil escaped and is touching everyone.

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