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Flocke in Seaons 1-3 by Voodoo Chile

This isn't a "theory" perse. I just have a socratic question that might elevate the first couple seasons...

In between Ben turning the donkey wheel and Locke turning it we saw the Losties jumping through time. We saw examples of them interacting (or I should say the potential to interact) with "themselves" from the earlier period when they first got to the island. I.E. Sawyer watched Kate assist in Claires child birth. He just stood there but he could see it.

Well here is my question, as someone got me to thinking about this a few days ago... remember some of those shots of Locke sitting on the beach. The ones where something dramatic just happened and we see the bald head and it rotates around and it's Locke.

Is it possible that was Flocke? The dramatic and dark music along with his malevolent smirk makes me wonder... what if he knew (because he was sort of Locke) that Locke was out on a boar hunt or out looking at the hatch. So he - Flocke- knew that he could approach the Losties on the beach, sit there, observe them, and start making his plans, his selections, influencing. They would be none the wiser.

This all hinges on the fact that MIB/Smokie/Flocke was time traveling as well...

This all could be a reach, but those sinister shots always made me wonder. It could have been coincidence, or simple foreshadowing. Or, it could have been Flocke!


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