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"You boys were so busy fighting each other...ya, didn't see me coming up from the side".

This is what Sawyer said while revealing his plan to the camp when he took control of the Guns.He got what he wanted by playing off of Jack&John's power struggle(which later we find out is kinda Jacob&MIB's power struggle).....

This is basically what Eloise and Widmore has done.THEY WON!....
Not MIB or Jacob....they could care less about them,they actually used their feud to distract us all why the pulled off their plan(to get the reality they want).I feel JACOB&MIB no longer exist in the ALT.(they were both disposed of with Hawkey&Charles plan).They are the TRUE villains of LOST.They have manipulated Desmond his whole Adult life,even instructing him in his trip back in time.Why do all this?...TWO REASONS(one for each).....

CHARLES WIDMORE:For gain of power&money and manipulation of events.

ELOISE HAWKING(WIDMORE):To save/stop her adult son from getting shot/killed by her and manipulation of events.

What is stopping them/making their plan fall apart?

People.No matter what reality they live in....I believe they are like Magnets,No matter what happens-what reality-whatever situation...the Losties will all eventually meet each other and interact some form or another.

Eloise's meaning of "VIOLATION"?

That is simple.Don't mess with the reality that Eloise&Charles have created for themselves.Desmond is the only one who can save everyone.

...Also,the Desmond of "our reality" is special...He can put his body in "idle" while his mind is jumping in and out of time&realities of other Desmond's(He needs something"constant" to jog his memory to get him going in whatever reality he is in-Penny is his constant and cause of that,with her name on Charlie's hand and him in the water is Our Des's reality it triggered over in the Alt with Alt Charlie pulling his stunt.

...And the "Blonde" woman Charlie saw,I thought to be Juliet or even Claire...but nope.It was Penny.Why? because i think when alt Charlie was dying-he was sharing "our" Charlie's last moments and that would be drowning underwater and Penny's face on the Looking glass monitor screen.

And one final thought....

Charlie.He visited Hurley in 2007 regular basis at Santa Rosa...was that a more knowing 2004 Alt.Charlie?they look like the same version/person(short hair/Obi-wan like) of that "Charlie character"....


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