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Official Truth by United

The island is supernatural. Whenever it calls anyone (leads them to it) they do not stop existing for a moment in the natural realm.
Not even for a second.
People are made up of 3 things.
Spirit Soul and Body.
It could be that somehow the island separates these things.

Or it could be that somehow the island has the creative capabilities to duplicate the person in the supernatural realm.
I believe everyone on the show is coexisting.
There is no flash sideways or forward.
The island is not bound by any natural laws so you cannot rule out any possible theories that wouldn’t (make natural sense)
When you take a picture on a camera, like one of those old polaroids , you press button and in an instant the camera catches time or a moment.
The person pressing the button doesn’t change at all and the person who is in the picture doesn't change either but how do they know that inside the picture things aren’t happening.
That the photo is an alternate world.
Just because it’s still doesn’t means it’s dead.
We can’t see angels ancient theories tell us because they are moving at an incalculable speed.
To them we are standing still, or moving so slow that it appears we are standing still.
If you get close to the island it will snap a picture of you.
Jacob presses the button (in essence)
And your in it. There are now 2 of you.
The one in the picture and the one out of the picture.
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