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MIB's cabin by bradkins

I have not seen this on the site but it seems pretty obvious to me.

Maybe the ashes were not keeping the MIB away from Jacob. maybe the ashes trapped MIS in the cabin.

"Jacob" wanted the others to build a runway. The same runway that MIB wants to use to get off the island.

"Jacob" whispered to Locke "Help me", then used him as the loophole.

"Jacob" had Clair and Christian chilling in his cabin talking to Locke and telling him to move the island. This event was able to set up the loophole and bring Locke back to the island dead. Clair became infected even though she was hanging out in Jacobs cabin?

"Jacob" freaked out about technology but didn't seem to mind technology when he was visiting the losties off the island.

"Jacob" had a list for the others to capture and detain on Hydra Island, which included candidates.

There are a lot of things that might go against this, but I have had the strange feeling that the Others' view of Jacob telling them how to live and what to do next was actually the MIB. Why would Jacob want to build the runway that will bring his murderer to the Island and prepare a way for MIB to get off the Island?


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