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Sideways happens after the island by Scott

Couple things to remember when trying to think about the island time, and the sideways time. First, the island is in 2007 timeframe and the sideways time is October of 2004. I think a lot of people are forgetting that these are not happening at the same time. So, sometimes you need to think, what was happening on the island during this time in 2004.

Now, with that, think about this for a moment. In 1977, jughead was detonated and we were lead to believe that is what caused 815 to not crash. I am inclined to believe it did not, at least not in the way most are thinking. I don’t think that caused a reboot, I do believe, it sent our losties back to the current time. I believe and it is almost getting confirmed by what Desmond is doing that the actions they (the losties) are taking now, is causing or will cause the sideways timeline to occur. I am not sure how they end up back there on the plane again, but I do not believe we have seen the event that reboots everyone. Just by seeing Desmond’s actions and his memories along with Charlie and Hurley and the preview for next week, you can see how the island events are shaping the actions of the sideways characters and vice versa. The writers have hinted at certain things over the last couple seasons to set this up to happen this way. Two seasons ago we had Desmond mind travel to his prior self and see things while remembering his time on the island, even though it had not happened yet. Last season the time traveling losties had many talks about what happened happened. They also talked about it is the past, but for them, it is there present, so they are doing things that will effect the future, for them. So the losties are in 1977, they do a bunch of stuff, jughead goes off and they shoot to the present. Now they are doing some things in 2004 by remembering and they are doing things on the island and I believe things will be in place due to things they do in the sideways time since it would be before 2007 and now there is this link of consciousness that memories are going to serve a big part of how things go down. Long story short, I believe that towards the end of the show, there will be some huge event that takes the losties back to 2004 or before and they have no memory of what took place and that is the start of the sideways world we have been seeing.

Not sure how the show ends, not do I want to know, but I do think we have not seen the cause of the sideways world yet and I do believe it happens AFTER the island events, even though the time is 2004, ala, last seasons 1977’s this is our present.

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