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Two things didn't sit well with me in last night's episode, Everybody Loves Hugo.

1) why michael told hurley to stop them from blowing up the plane...
2) why Michael showed Hurley where Locke was.

I mean, if dead Michael really cared about keeping his 815 buddies safe, then why is he having Hurley sabotage the destruction of the plane, and leading them right into the hands of MIB?

The first thing that came into my head was that Michael was MIB, but of course we know that MIB is stuck in the form of Locke, so this can't be the case.

What CAN be the case, though, is that Michael was "claimed" when he died in the frieghter explosion. We have seen it with Sayid and Claire, after they have been killed and apparently brought back to life. And now they are working 'with' MIB to get his plans into motion.

So with Michael now working for team MIB, it makes sense that he would try to have Hurley sabotage the destruction of the plane, and why he would point Hurley and co right into the hands of MIB.

Think about the conversation between Sawyer and Locke. He made it clear that he was "waiting"... he knew that Hurley, Jack and Sun would eventually turn up precisely because he had sent michael to lead them there.

I know what you're thinking... "But we saw Michael get blown to smithereens in the frieghter explosion..." Yes we did. But all that means is that he hasn't got a body. If he is still wandering the island in his ghostly form, presumably MIB still has the power to "claim him", as he is dead. It's genius really, because he could use Michael as a spy and no-one will see him other than a few special people like Hurley.

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