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This is a small theory regarding one specific moment of last night's episode...Desmond running over our most unlucky John Locke. Ouch!

At first I thought....dang Des, that was cold! Then I immediately began trying to figure out reasons why he may want to eliminate ALT-Locke. I thought, well maybe it has to do with MIB, and thwarting his transition to the ALt, or maybe for some reason Locke needs to die in the ALT since he is dead on the island...but none of those ideas made any sense at all and weren't jiving with the theories I am forming about the overall big picture.

And then it dawned on me...maybe Desmond visciously ran down dear ole' Locke in order to help him, not hurt nor kill him.

When the season first began and Locke ran into our favorite surgeon, Jack Shepherd, and that whole "Nothing is irreversible" exchange happened, I wasn't satisfied with how that eventually unfolded. Helen was trying to encourage Locke to take a leap of faith and have a consultation, but Locke wasn't buying it...mostly because he surrendered to his "fate", and thought his physical situation was hopeless.

Now many of us I think, whether we wanted to or not, just kind of moved on from this moment, and eventually accepted that possibly this was how John's ALT story is supposed to be. He has Helen, and yes he is still debilitated, but he has accepted it and is at peace with his situation. Maybe that is how he is meant to be happy. But I don't think this the case.

I think we all can feel Locke's despair with his limitations. He still attempted and was sadly turned down for the walk-about after all. He still argued with Rose about what he can do. He however, has begun to lose his faith, and I think Desmond is attempting to reunite John with it.

Desmond ran Locke over for one reason...so Locke would be forced to go to the hospital, where he will run into Jack (like every other person in the ALT seems to be doing), and Jack will give it his best shot to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. (and I believe he will be successful)

This will resolve that exchange from earlier in the season, AND it will assist in improving and adding even more fulfillment to the lives of both Locke and Shepherd in the ALT timeline.

That's my two cents...you can keep the change. ;-)

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