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side thoughts. Pun intended by glassShoe

A Theory was recently posted on the influence of water on thesmokemaster, a theory Ive been mulling over recently, but allow me to elaborate. I have always been skeptical of the flashes in this season to be ALT, which would seem unlike the writers to introduce an entirely new complex system that could make the previous seasons irrelevant. The main proof is they have never done this before. Lost has always been a mythical show, even with time travel, but I believe it to be ONE continuous story, start to end.

jin shooting mikhails eye puts a dent in that statement, but then again, we never knew how he got the wound the first time. It could just be a thing where he was always going to loose that eye, not traveling between 2 timelines. I think in order to stop the smokemaster the losties will need to sink the island, thereby making all of these flashes still in the future and not an ALT. You see when some characters look at each other in the flashes they know something is up but cant think of it. It would be foolish to end a series with all the characters free but with no knowledge of what happened and I think somehow all of the losties will remember, and in the final episodes have emotional re-re uniting with fellow members...and/or lovers.

this leads me to HOW. Team Widmore seems to be extra interested in the electromagnetic properties of the Island, and desmonds "experience" with them (I cant see another way he would be THE PACKAGE because he isn't a candidate). Richard probably knows how to do it but it will require desmond's electric capabilities, as well as a sacrifice of a lostie to stay on the island and drown preventing snokie (oh i mean smokey ;) ) from sabotaging whatever they do. I know Hurley plays a big role, because he's the only in-corruptible candidate (even with all the money and whatever happens - bad luck, deaths etc. he's still honest and himself). I think he'll "replace" Jacob and allow Jack and Desmond to do what they do. Unless the 'Wallace' on the mirror is Widmore and HE replaces Jacob (he wouldn't miss the outside world because he's from the island and has always been wanting to return). We havent seen Richard in the future flashes so who knows what will become of him.

side-side note: Ive been thinking, if one of the losties 'replaces' jacob, then why would we see them in the future after the sink back in LA? I think its temporary until they sink the island.

side-side note: we learned the name Jacob in season 3, basically 3 seasons before we met him. We learned of Richard, and that hes mysterious, but we see his past also basically 3 seasons later.

We've been seeing smoke man for 6 seasons now and no name? he himself said 'I am a who, not a what'. So could his name be a huge drop????

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