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Annie is...... by Round03

....never going to be seen on this show again.

Now that's out of the way. I've noticed a lot of parallels between what happened at the temple and the island itself.

You can't just get into the temple. You need to know the way in. The Losties could never have gotten in if Jin hadn't been with the Frenchies or if Hurley hadn't been "invited" by whom? Jacob of course.

Dogan was killed by someone who though was technically 'on the good side', was still an outcast. Just as Jacob was with Ben.

Dogan was the one keeping MIB out of the temple. Once he was out of the way, MIB could run riot through the temple, just as he is with the island now with Jacob out of the way.

So when old smokey says he's trapped. I dont think he means by the island. He asked Jacob after the Balck Rock arrived to let him leave, which Jacob refused. He is trapped by the will of others. As long as there is someone who wants him to be on the island, he has to stay. He doesn't need the Ajira plane to leave, it wasn't around back then.

That's why he couldn't enter the temple until Dogan was dead. It was Dogan's will that was keeping him out. The ash has nothing to do with it. Otherwise he wouldn't have been able to enter the temple whether Dogan was alive or dead. I don't think there's enough evidence to suggest that he was let in by Sayid or Clair breaking the ash line. If that were the case he could have done it anytime. The ash is merely a tool of faith, giving those who use it enough 'belief' to keep smokey at bay. Just like the magic box.

That's why Ben was able to summon smokey. Coz it was his will to do so.

Smokey doesn't need the losties to leave the island. He needs everyone dead so there's no one left to stop him. And because of whatever rule it is that stops people from killing their own enemies on this island, he needs them to kill each other.

The final scene will be those who are left deciding to stay on the island ,while it's being torn apart by the electromagnetism, to keep smokey trapped forever.

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