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Pardon the turn of the phrase, but please consider the notion that our brother in another life seems destined for yet another long prison term in the Island of the Lost - and whose new sentence appears to be delivered by the judge and jury, Charles Widomore, a former Lostie himself who knows a thing or two about how to defeat Smokie, AKA Flock - or so he thinks.

Why is Desmond 'The Package' and why is Jin the main man to Mr. Widmore'sm diabolical plan?

It certainly is not because the two men from the original plane crash are buddies or even close friends who can work to defeat the evil entity together per se, but it appears that Jin's knowledge of island hot spots and Desmond's electromagnetic nature have given the millionaire with a penchant for expensive whiskey hope for defeating the Man in Black. Yet the question that remains to be answered: How can Desmond and Jin - mere mortals - defeat a creature with properties that other humans cannot injure with gunfire, knives or unkind words?

It seems likely Widmore will demand Jin to point out the most vibrant piece of parcel on mainland. His reward for doing so? A promise to be re-united with his daughter and wife back in the real world, a land far, far away from this battleground.

Once Jin points out this juicy plot of earth on the Dharma map, Widmore will take Desmond - the man who is 'special' according to Faraday because of his 'unstuck nature in time' - with hopes of turning him into the Energizing Bunny which will make him keep going and going and going . . . right into the armlessness of Smokey.

Though Widmore is convinced Mr. Hume will defeat the monster, alas, the plan will backfire and Desmond will be no more than a smudge on the landscape leaving Penny and little Charlie all alone in the world - though they will have all of grandfather's fortune once Flocke turns on the Old Man by the Sea and sends him as well to Davy Jones Locker .

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